Quick Decor Updates To Breathe Life Into Your Kitchen


The kitchen is quite possibly the most important room of any home, kitchens are where you cook, chat over cups of tea and eat meals as a family, so the look of your kitchen is important as that’s where you’ll be spending so much of your time.

But, as we spend so much time in our kitchens, it’s easy for us to get too used to the décor, which leads to it feeling old and tired. So what can you do to breath some life into your kitchen? Read on to find out.

Give Your Kitchen Cabinets A Fresh New Look

You can quickly bring your kitchen cabinets back to life without spending a lot of money, replacing cabinets can be a costly project, but instead of outright replacing them, you can make your cabinets look brand new with a little bit of TLC.

Simply get a can of paint in whatever colour you desire, take the doors off your kitchen cabinets and repaint the face of each door, then re-attach them. In as little as an hour you can completely change the look of your kitchen by doing this, with the end result being kitchen cabinets that look fresh and new.

Add A Splash Of Colour With Venetian Blinds

There aren’t many areas of your kitchen where you can add a splash of colour without having to spend quite a bit of money. But there’s an often-overlooked area of your kitchen where you can add extra colour without breaking any piggy banks.

By replacing your old kitchen blinds with a set of brand new faux wood venetian blinds with tape, unlike real wood venetian blinds, faux wood blinds are made from plastic which won’t get damaged by water or stains in your kitchen. Using faux woods also expands the selection of colours on offer and you can add extra accent colours by using coloured tapes on your new blinds.

Make Your Fridge Unique With Wallpaper

If your current fridge is starting to look a bit old and boring, but you can’t afford to replace it with a snazzy looking Smeg or similar luxury fridge, never worry, because there are things you can do at home to give your fridge a new lease of life.

One simple way to give your old fridge a new swanky look is by covering the front with some patterned wallpaper. Simply measure up your fridge and buy some wallpaper for it! To apply, simply use some double-sided tape to secure the wallpaper to your fridge giving it a unique new look. Then down the line, if you get tired of this look, you can easily remove the wallpaper and replace it with a new pattern.

Liven up Your Kitchen With Fun Accessories

If you’re not really a DIY person and want to avoid projects that will require you to work with your hands, there are still ways for you to add some life to your kitchen without having to break out the toolbox.

By using fun accessories in your kitchen, you can improve the look of your kitchen and start to forge a style that’s your own. You can display matching storage jars on shelves, add a vase of flowers to the countertop, place a filled fruit bowl on your kitchen table or even just display art in your kitchen to give it a showroom fresh feel.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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