Pros and Cons of using Node.js for Web App Development


To make a bright and attractive product, developers actively use such a programming language as JavaScript. They can simplify their work using various tools, frameworks, or libraries. It is generally accepted that the most effective tool is Node.js. Today we want to discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of this.

What is Node.js?

It is not to say that Node.js is a runtime based on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. It has an open-source code, making it as easy as possible to create a high-quality product based on the above programming language. It first appeared in 2009 and immediately made a huge splash. The most significant interest in this technology occurred in 2017 during the boom of mobile technologies, and it continues to grow. The product is developing rapidly and allows you to create new universal solutions in web development.

LinkedIn was one of the first companies to use this for the backend of their mobile app. Later, this technology began to be used by such large corporations as Uber, eBay, Walmart and Netflix, and many others. It has allowed global giants to make their mobile applications and websites even more advanced, vibrant, and user-friendly. Navigate to this web-page if you are looking for Node.js developers for your web application or you need expert advice.

Today it is one of the most sought-after technologies among mobile software developers. Every year, interest in this is increasing, as it is constantly evolving and has many advantages.

Main advantages

It is one of the most popular JavaScript-based web development software used by thousands of programmers worldwide. It is because it has quite a few advantages.

Reliable technology stack

More and more developers today are using Node.js to develop the service part. It provides additional opportunities and has several advantages:

  • High speed and productivity;
  • Easy knowledge sharing within the company;
  • A large number of free tools;
  • Excellent efficiency.

Its flexible technology allows you to create a truly unique and outstanding product with a perfect system.

High speed

It works much faster than many other tools. It allows not only to deliver the project on time but also to significantly reduce the cost of software development.

At the same time, the high speed of work will not affect the quality of the product itself or its functionality in any way. There are several reasons for this:

  • Unrivaled V8 engine, which was previously developed for the Chrome browser;
  • Non-blocking I/O and asynchronous request processing;
  • Improved event model.

So, thanks to this technology, PayPal could get a 35 percent reduction in response time after switching from Java. Users have already evaluated this solution.

Scalable technology for microservices

When developing software, it’s a good idea to break it down into small modules and macro services. Thus, you provide your project with additional flexibility since you have the opportunity to build on new modules and thereby improve your product.

Developers also find several other advantages:

  • Rich ecosystem;
  • Huge corporate support;
  • Full JSON support.

Thanks to Node.js, you can create a high-quality product that will follow all the trends in eCommerce industry and have excellent functionality and a beautiful interface. Every year, more and more programmers specialize in this technology, making it possible to develop even faster.

Disadvantages of Node.js

Despite all the advantages of Node.js, it is worth saying that it has several drawbacks. Among the most important of them are:

  • Performance bottlenecks in heavy computing tasks (recently, multithreading has been introduced to this but as an experiment);
  • Problem with a callback (keeping multiple tasks queued in the background, each with its own callback, can lead to problems);
  • Immaturity of equipment;
  • Growing demand for experienced professionals.

Since Node.js has a lot of support from investors, it is expected that the above issues will be resolved shortly.

Millions of people are starting to learn web development, so it is expected that the shortage of specialists in this industry will disappear in the next few years. Our company employs experienced professionals who are well able to distribute IT company roles to achieve the best result. An experienced team of specialists can do the job despite the possible disadvantages of this tool, paying more attention to its advantages.


If you want to create a high-quality mobile application for corporate or other purposes, then Node.js will be your perfect assistant. It has a massive set of functions that simplifies and speeds up the work of specialists as much as possible and helps to create the most competitive product.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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