Promotional tactics for pushing SoundCloud on Social Media


SoundCloud is a popular streaming platform that boasts numerous monthly followings of 175 million. Although this figure is substantial, it still falls short of other well-known platforms. Twitter has 300 million users, YouTube has 1.8 billion, and Facebook has 2.23 billion monthly users.

Promoting music on SoundCloud is essential. SoundCloud marketing is inexpensive and successful when done through social media.

What to know before promoting your SoundCloud

Using SoundCloud alone might not yield the desired reach. Employing various social media platforms will build an artist a solid base. It is paramount to know what platform suits your audience the best. It is also vital to understand the fans and tell a connecting story.

Branding and Identity

What sets the best artists apart from the others is branding and identity. These enable artists to come up with strategies that suit their music. Artists must define themselves in terms of their interests and aspirations.

Building a brand is the next thing after identification. A brand should be in agreement with the artist’s identity. The discography of the artist should be built around their identity.

Identification of Target Audience

Artists need to identify the consumers of their art. Before the commencement of promotion comes target audience identification.

Facebook Promotion

The Facebook environment allows for easy SoundCloud promotion. Facebook automatically embeds SoundCloud URLs as listenable songs. Firstly, an artist needs to create an official fan page. The fan page lets the artist connect with listeners and improves the promotion of their art.

The SoundCloud environment lets artists connect directly to their social media accounts. This connection provides a friendly and convenient interface. Facebook ads can help improve reach where organic marketing is limited.

Twitter Promotion

There is a good relationship between Twitter and SoundCloud. SoundCloud has received a $70 million Twitter investment. They worked together to make SoundCloud plays compatible with the Twitter API.

Twitter gives artists access to a large audience of fans. Twitter is a social networking site where hot topics are discussed. With this feature, artists have incredible reach. The platform is also the perfect place to network with other market players.

Instagram Promotion

There is a partnership between Instagram and SoundCloud to further improve aesthetics. Artists can connect their SoundCloud to their Instagram. This partnership lets them improve their SoundCloud using Instagram features and vice versa.

Sharing pictures, and videos of work and personal life can strengthen the artist-fan relationship and increase reach. Instagram is the ideal platform to achieve this.

Pinterest Promotion

Despite its image-centric nature, Pinterest offers a capability that lets SoundCloud music be put on the pins. It is a good platform for marketing initiatives. Artists may post music without going via the website using tools like the Pinmarklet bookmarking tool.

YouTube Promotion

YouTube does not connect directly to SoundCloud. There are third-party applications that help in that regard. The apps redirect Listeners from YouTube to SoundCloud. This method works well with snippets and teaser videos.

Social Media Aggregator

There is a requirement for a website with all the details listeners want about music and anything about your work. A social media aggregator puts together every SoundCloud track, Social media activity, and picture, and embeds them on the website.

SoundCloud is an excellent platform for artists to begin their careers. Your career will take a huge step forward if you use this platform in conjunction with social media marketing.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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