Project Management Professional PMP Certification Exam Dumps 2022


PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is one of the most valued official recognition globally, incorporating predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches. This certification is signified by the fact that in North America, the median salary of PMP certification holders is 25% greater than the professionals without it. And so, there are more than ten lac aspirants who are possessing PMP certification throughout the world.

The skills that employers seek to get to the most suitable professional are validated in the holders. These professionals are trained and tested to get certified as highly-skilled in process, people, and business environment. Consequently, their credibility is strengthened, and earning potential is maximized. However, to qualify for the exam is not the cup of everyone’s tea because specific requisites are listed below.

PMP Certification Requirements

As this certification is a commitment, it has a rigid structure that is not compromised anyway. For that reason, the candidates have to go through definite steps before getting certification. The academic and professional experience requirements are:

  • A four-year degree program
  • 36 months experience of leading projects
  • Project management training of 35 contact hours or CAMP® Certification


  • A high school diploma/a global equivalent associate degree
  • 60 months experience of leading projects
  • Project management training of 35 contact hours or CAMP® Certification
  • This is the foremost step to reach the exam. If your qualifications meet the eligibility criteria, you can move further for the application process.


To attempt the exam, you have to register yourself. You can also be a member of PMI® (Project Management Insititute).

  • To get membership of PMI® will cost you $139.
  • Once you become a member, the exam price is $405.
  • But in case of no membership, you must pay $555 for the exam.

PMP certification training

The PMP certification training course must be taken out to meet the requirements. As stated above, 35 contact hours of training are mandatory and must be completed first.

Online PMP application

You can apply online for this certification. PMI will send an email notification after processing and determining the application. Once the application is selected for an audit, you will get an email message from PMI before paying exam fees. During an audit, the following documentation might be asked to submit:

  • Letters copies and certificates copy from training institutes for the mentioned course on the application to meet the contact hours requirement of professional education
  • Diploma/global equivalent copies
  • Signatures of project overseer or supervisor on the projects that have been listed as experience on the application

These requested documents can be provided within 90 days by regular mail or courier service. However, all the documents should be filed together as an audit can be rejected in other cases. Once an audit is completed, the one-year eligibility period starts from the same day (when you get approval for successful completion of the audit) for the exam.

Scheduling a test appointment

As the eligibility begins, you have to submit payment for certification. After receiving payment, you will get an ID to appear in the exam. Three attempts can be carried out during the eligibility period.

Format of PMP Exam

Three domains are focused; Process that encounters 50% content, people that covers 42%, and business environment that makes up 8% of the test.

The PMP exam includes 180 questions completed within a specified duration of 230 minutes.

This exam can either be scheduled online or at the testing center. All the related information can be taken from the account-provided access.

However, if you want to quit, the refunding facility can also be availed, but refunding is not

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