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Throughout history, people have always been curious about the sexual experience. Many historic facts can prove that people in the past did not see it as a taboo subject as it was transformed later to be. Not only were they passionate about it, they always wanted to experiment with something new. The use of aphrodisiacs and phallic objects can be seen in many historic paintings and those phallic objects can be seen in museums.

When it comes to adult toys, many people associate them with women. Women are the ones that use them while men just use their hands. That can not be further from the truth, as more and more men have begun to use them. The turn of the century has brought many new toys on the shelves of sex shops for men to please themselves with. Hope you see something here that will be useful to you, king.

Sex dolls

This one probably gets the most ridicule of them all. It is always associated with loneliness and that the man using it is a real weirdo. They seem so fake and how could they be any comfortable? It is just a piece of plastic and it does not resemble the real feel of a woman’s body, right?

It turns out that all of these views are not true and are not up to date with the latest trends. Unless you are using a cheap blowup doll that you found somewhere randomly then yes the experience will be unpleasant. There has been a huge development regarding silicone sex dolls that make them feel much better and more enjoyable. The silicone is very soft, but it is also tight just the right amount to make it feel great. The insides are not cold at all and it is not awkward like many of the older blow-up dolls. Also, some girls really dig them and like to use them with their partners during sex.

The major upside, stamina training

If you are looking to increase your time in bed, these dolls are the perfect thing for you. They are realistic and are perfect for stamina training. Not only stamina training but anything else you would want to try before the real deal. There is nothing shameful in having one, they are pretty useful to have nearby for these reasons.

Penis sleeves

What the hell is a penis sleeve you might ask yourself. They are pretty simple, they are just silicone devices that you can put on your penis to gain an extra function. Primarily, they are used for erectile dysfunction but can also be used if you want to stay longer in action. But they can be used for many more fun things.

You can find ones that add extra contours to your penis which can be a pleasure to your partner. Of course, you need to try it out first before going all out with such extensions. There are also the ones that vibrate which can bring more fun not only for your partner but also for yourself.

Prostate massager

You probably heard about the rumor that men also have a G-spot as women do. That rumor is not a rumor, it is the truth that has been known for a long time. The G-spot is just hidden, and that is the prostate. In order to get to the prostate, you need to access it through your anus. Some men may think that is pretty awkward and will brush the idea off as gay, making it sound like a bad thing.

Well, they sure have not experienced a real orgasm if they did not stimulate the prostate. You can find prostate massagers that are made to perfectly do such a thing. It may sound scary to try and do this with your fingers, but with a massager, it is easier than ever. Also, the extra vibration that it offers will make it feel even better. Whether you want to experiment with this all by yourself or with someone else, you should definitely give it a shot and not be so judgemental about it.

man adult toys

As you can see, there are many new options out there for you to explore. Satisfying yourself does not need to be the same old thing that you have been doing for a long time. You can spice it up a bit and have some new experience. Not only is it some good fun for you, but all of the abovementioned toys are also great to try out with other people.

There are still new toys coming up and developing so be sure to stay up to date with them. The stigma of using these toys if you are a man will also decline faster. It is the case right now that it is seen more like a regular thing that does not have to be addressed as something taboo.

Tony Altidore
Tony Altidore
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