Warts are rough lumps that form on the skin, caused by the virus called human papillomavirus. While they can appear anywhere on your body, they are most prevalent on hands and feet. They differ in size and shape, often occurring in the same area of skin.

You should seek top-quality plantar warts treatment in Australia as it can be a severe health issue. While it usually occurs in people below 20 years old, this is not a hard-and-fast rule. It may affect people of all possible ages as well.

Warts Are Contagious

The risk of transferring warts to others may be less, but it is a risk nonetheless. Skin-to-skin close contact can spread warts to other people. There is also the chance of spreading warts to different parts of the body by constantly picking at them. People with low immunity are at risk of warts that refuse to disappear.

To reduce the risk of spreading warts, you can do the following.

  • Never share towels, socks, shoes, and similar personal items.
  • Wear sandals in public showers.
  • During swims, cover the wart with waterproof tape or plaster.

Effective Plantar Warts Treatments

Although it may take as long as a year or so, harmless plantar warts will disappear without any treatment. But if you find that they are painful and spreading quickly, you may want to get them treated by a specialist. Read on to know what the most effective treatments are to get rid of plantar warts.

Salicylic Acid

This is among the most popular plantar warts treatment in Australia. Doctors use salicylic acid to clear warts layer by layer. They may first remove the top dead skin layers at the clinic and ask you to apply an ointment with the acid at home. Warts must be kept covered once the medicine has been applied. You will need to follow up with your doctor regularly.


Cryotherapy can treat warts and is also used to manage a variety of other health conditions. It involves your doctor applying liquid nitrogen to your warts with either a cotton swab or a spray. Since this treatment can be painful, the doctor will numb the area beforehand. The chemical enables a blister to form around the wart, with the dead tissue falling off, typically within a week.

Surgical procedures

If all else fails, your doctor may perform an electrodessication, a procedure where he uses an electric needle to cut away the wart. He may also consider laser surgery, wherein pulsed-dye laser beams cauterise warts. The infected tissue will eventually die, and warts will fall off. But you may need a couple of sessions to get them ultimately removed.


This treatment method uses solutions or medications that boost your immunity to fight against warts. The doctor may inject your warts with an antigen or other foreign substance to do the trick. Alternatively, you may be asked to apply a special cream or solution to warts. Generally, this kind of treatment is reserved for superficial warts.

If you suffer from viral plantar warts, it is essential to get them checked by a professional. Even if you aren’t sure whether that growth is a wart or a callus, it is always safer to get it diagnosed by a professional. Find the best plantar warts treatment in Australia for high-quality medical help.

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