PDFBear Guide: Helpful Tips in Editing Your PDF Files

PDF has been widely used for different purposes and is considered being a universal file format. Various companies are using pdf to manage their electronic files. People of different professions even use it for effective file organization. Hence, the use of pdf has been of great help in dealing with different electronic documents.  

However, if you need to apply some revisions on your existing pdf files, it might be a little difficult since pdf is usually a fixed format. Hence, options are available for you to make changes possible to apply to your pdf files. Read the helpful tips below to know options in editing your pdf files.

Convert to Editable Format

Apply some changes to your existing pdf documents, such as updating the statistical data, changing the photos, removing unnecessary information, and many others. The easiest way to process these changes is by converting your pdf documents to an editable file like a Word document format. 

PDFBear is a smart technology that will let you use its file conversion tool online. It’s a website with different tools that you can utilize to manage and organize your electronic files. Before you process the pdf to word conversion, upload the pdf files that you want to convert on the PDFBear online conversion tool.

Then, the system will quickly process the reading and scanning of your pdf documents and start the conversion. Once done, click the button three times to finally download the converted Word document files to your computer or smartphone. After that, you can apply all the updates, changes, and revisions on the Word document. Once you’re done, you can convert back the files to pdf for light storage and easy sharing. 

Add Watermark 

Besides converting pdf to word to apply some changes, some editing options can be done without it. It’s when you want to add a watermark on your pdf documents. Watermark is a text or an image that’s placed in front or behind of the existing contents of the pdf document. It looks like a stamp on the document page. 

For pdf documents that contain information with a high level of value and confidentiality, you can apply a watermark in the text form of “Confidential.”  You can customize applying a watermark by adding over one to different PDFs or pages of the PDF. However, apply it on separate pages manually. 

Besides that, you can also customize the transparency and the typography of the watermarks that you want to apply. PDFBear offers you a set of flexible watermark tools with a wide range of options to its font settings, including size, font style, and color. 

To add any watermark, you only have to upload the pdf files on the PDFBear watermark tool online. It’ll then ask you either type in a text or choose an image to be your watermark. When you’ve successfully chosen one, position the watermark on the document page that you like. Then, click the Apply Changes button, and you can now download the pdf file with a new watermark. 

Number Pages 

Adding page numbers on your existing pdf files becomes so easy and convenient. PDFBear has a particular tool online to accomplish this task for your electronic documents. It’ll let you freely add page numbers of your files by following an easy step. 

On the PDFBear website, click the Select Files button to upload the pdf file you want to add page numbers. Then, choose the placement of the page number on the pdf document. It could be at the left or right bottom or the top right or left of the pdf page. Then click the Number Pages button to add page numbers. Once done, you can download the file on your computer or smartphone. 

Delete Pages 

Editing your existing pdf documents may include deleting unnecessary pages. PDFBear also has a delete pages tool online that you can access anytime. Drag the pdf files and drop them on the delete pages tool that you can find on the PDFBear website. Then select pages or enter the page numbers that you want to remove. 

After that, click the Delete button and apply changes. The tool will process your request within a few seconds. Once it’s done, you can click download to save it on your device storage. 


Using files in pdf format is easy to manage and organize on your computer or smartphone because it’s light and portable. However, when you want to apply some changes or revisions on the information of the file, remember the helpful tips discussed above. It’ll surely make your tasks done efficiently and in a stress-free way.

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