Partner of Rosamund Pike is disqualified as Director after Failing to Pay Tax!


The husband of a famous English actress Rosamund Pike failed to be the company director because he could not pay the company tax of around £200,000.

The father of this beautiful and striking actress’s children Robie Uniacke, 57, was banned for four years. Therefore, he is not eligible to work as the company director after defaulting. Mr. Uniacke’s company Pale Fire Ltd, an IT consultancy assimilated in 2010, was announced insolvent and latterly merged in 2016, and the liquidator’s slam states his account was overblown by £ 133,000.

However, it is stated that the businessman had no revenue or means. Still, the liquidator accepted his offer of£ 25,000 in the entire and final agreement of the overblown regard by a third party.

In 2002 Ms. Pike, 39, first set up Hollywood fame alongside Pierce Brosnan Bond film Die Another Day. He went on to star contrary to Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck at 23.

Partner of Rosamund Pike

Robie Uniacke (left), the mate of English actress Rosamund Pike has been banned as a company director after he broke to pay nearly £ 200,000 to the taxman.

Details of Mr. Uniacke, Pike’s elderly and the father of her two kids, come as her new film, Entebbe, hits UK cinema defenses this coming week.

The actress got her education at the private Badminton School and Wadham College. Later, she went to Oxford and is believed to have started seeing Uniacke around 2008, when he wound up three of his businesses.

She also has thankful to him for helping her career, formerly stating, ‘I have got a veritably clever mate who’s got a veritably canny mind and is veritably, veritably well-read and articulate and ruthless about how commodity I do might play out on screen.

However, the news that her Eton-educated mate has been banned as a company director is likely to be a considerable embarrassment to Pike, who has released some new movies after fastening on their children Solo and Atom recently times.

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