Packing tips for moving from NYC to Austin


Taking on the long haul and moving your goods and family from NYC to Austin seems like a daunting task. Going on a 1743 mile stretch is not fun. Unpacking and sorting is not something to look forward to after a long day on the road. Moving creates stress as to where to go and what leaves you wondering why you decided on relocating such a distance. Being organized facilitates stress reduction. Packing in time and being able to offload directly where goods should go helps. Following a simple organized structure could help out when moving from NYC to Austin.

Here are a few packing tips to make your transition much smoother:

  1. Where to start.
  2. What you need for survival.
  3. Unhappy kids makes for a long trip.
  4. Color code.

Boxes standing around and everything out of place, busy trying to sort and pack, it’s a mess! Research shows disorganization and clutter have a humongous effect on our brains.

Where to start

Where to start is always on top of the list. There are so many things to begin with, how would you know where to start so many questions when you are in this position. Start sorting the room less used or the cupboard less used. Clear a space for moving your boxes when packed. A corner in the garage or a room that will not be used is a good start because you don’t have to move these boxes again until “move day”.

What you need for survival

Let’s say you are a family of four. When packing the kitchen you only really need four cups, four plates, four spoons and this goes for everything, four towels and even four pairs of shoes. The minimum that you can get by with during the transition is all you have to keep aside. Waiting for the last minute to start packing is nothing but unnecessary stress. It is important to have less time spent on worries and more on progress.

Unhappy kids makes for a long trip

It’s normally a fact, the toy or blanky your kids love the most and can’t live without is the one that gets packed away so well that you can’t even find it. Leave an open box or two specifically for packing these items in. It can be taken out and put back into this box whenever your kids don’t use it.  Make a list of items that go into these boxes and sticky note it to the box. This way you can regularly keep track of what shouldn’t go anywhere else. This box can be placed anywhere in the house for comfort.

Color Code

Mark you’re boxed with a color code. Have a sticker or two put on them according to the room this box must go to. Blue for example can be used for the baby room, red could be used with another color to indicate importance or if the box has breakables inside. With packing on to and offloading the truck protecting your belongings, having color coded boxes improves packing time and speeds up the processing. With the boxes organized, it brings loads of stress down.

Method and madness goes together so often. Having the right method and a place to start with lightens your load and madness fades away. To be organized makes for easy relocation. You have more time to concentrate on other planning and more time to spend with the family. It is a fact that when you feel stressed, your family feels it too. Lighten the load by following these few easy steps.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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