OWOWPET Reviews – A Scam Website Revealed


Today, we are going to discuss a scam website that you just heard about, or if you don’t know, then read the blog post to save yourself from this fraud. We have covered all the information about OWOWPETS  after a long and detailed research on this website and also going to talk in the light of OWOWPETS reviews. So without wasting a single moment, let’s get straight into its honest review.

About OWOWPET Website

OWOWPET is a newly launched website designed especially for pet owners to buy things for their pets. It includes a variety of pet food, toys, accessories, and grooming supplies. All of these things have free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee if your order is above 60 dollars.

OWOWPET Reviews - A Scam Website Revealed | 2023 updates

This company claims to offer convenience, best quality, and good customer support to their clients. They not only offer quality products but also support customers in managing their pets with more care and love. 

Pet owners can visit their website to see which products they are offering in the comfort of their homes. No matter where you are located, they will provide you with the parcel at your doorstep. They have all the latest types of equipment you need for your pets, so don’t forget to check their website at once.

Products Available 

The following types of products are available on the OWOWPET.

  • Pet Food
  • Pet Toys
  • Pet Treat Dispenser
  • Pet Grooming Hammock
  • No-Spill Pet Water Bowl

All of these products are available at reasonable prices. Their payment method is also easy and flexible, providing comfort to the clients that they can pay from any of the methods that suit them best.


  • Variety of products
  • 5 % off on all products


  • Bad reviews
  • Lack of Trustworthiness
  • Low Reputability Score
  • Bad Quality
  • Poor Customer Support

Client’s Reviews

If you are checking any website’s trustworthiness, then the first step to find out is to check the online reviews of other customers. This is the first and most crucial step to check any platform’s credibility. So, after checking the reviews of this website, we are here with these facts.

  • One customer gave them a 1-star rating as he had the worst experience with them. He bought a toy for his pet, and the toy he received was broken just after a few minutes of use. 
  • A view on Tech Fitness stated that this website is not a real one as it has a very low trustability score due to its unreal content. Moreover, it is also revealed that this website has gathered products from other sites just for show-off and nothing else.
  • Another worst comment on Coins World Story showed a suspicious approach to this website. It revealed that this website may be a scam or fraud, so it is suggested that customers buy any product from here on their own behalf and do their complete research before shopping from this website.

Warning Signals of OWOWPET

We don’t want our readers to shop from any scamy website. Therefore, we did a complete analysis of this website. We didn’t find this website as a reputable one because there were many red flags that alarmed us to not talk about the credibility of this website.

Here are some of the warning signs we found after research on this website. So please check them before you start shopping on this website.

  • The domain of OWOWPET has been registered very recently, which puts us in doubt that maybe this website is a scam project to deceive customers in a shorter period.
  • OWOWPET has provided not any official address or contact number, which is a very curious thing. They have only provided an email that left their customers doubtful about their existence.
  • They are offering a high amount of discount on all products, which is a technique used mostly by scammers to attract customers and trap them in their tricks.
  • OWOWPET is not promoting its website via social media, which is also a questionable thing. Every real website attracts its consumers through promotion, so why it is not doing so?
  • Complaints and queries from customers are not addressed by the company. Their bad reviews include late deliveries, worst products, and difficulties in refunding.


“OWOWPET REVIEWS” revealed that this website is not a trustworthy website to rely on. There are many factors that make us all suspicious about their credibility, including their late deliveries, delivering wrong and broken products, and most of all, offering unrealistic prices. So it is suggested to not try such a doubtful platform to save yourself from any mishap.

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