What’s the Updates of the ” NEW GAME” from CGDCT Category


The whole anime series is well known as “CGDCT,” and some do not know what it is. It is the abbreviation of ” Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.” new game is another one best anime series that also included in this category.

The story features the comedy and slice of life. However, there could be different setup as all the CGDT are set in high schools. This show portrays the life of a personality with the adult world.

The impressive feature of this new game is how the characters manage to portray issues of an adult; also, it is relatable for the shoujo crowd. It is a simple Story which does not contain any complicated twists. Still looks so delightful, so let’s know the details of the “NEW GAME.”

Aoba Suzukaze is the most youngsters character in the game. She spends her time playing indoor sports. After graduation, She was so conscious about the job that is functioning at Eagle Jump. It is because she designs all those games that she grew up playing.

She manages her work and feels more excited about her first day of work. Her happiness has no limits when she knows she is going to working with the character designer of teh corporate “Kou Yagami.” for the Fairies story.

She started communication with other members of the department, and she came to know every member has not the same spirit of gaming. New Game follows the adventures of Aoba and the other members in her office.

Everyone makes the right game by designing their characters, along with all errors and bugs. Every person sets a goal with ups and downs but keep working hard and embrace the method. Now the more exciting news is that the English dubbed version of the game is also available on Funimation.



Aoba Suzukaze is the major character of the New game, seems pretty in schoolgirl structure. The hair and eyes are purple, and the dress is a very flushed complexion. First, she does work in the office, but she is not experienced in the story.

Therefore she started working at the office where she spends much time practicing 3-D modeling with the help of a book.  She is a smart learner and quickly learns all the basic and becomes eligible for real work.

Kou Yagami
the second character is Kou Yagami, another amazing character and basically the main character of Eagle jump Company. Kou has long golden hair and light blue color of eyes. Her dresses are minimalistic, and mostly she wears a black T-Shirt and jeans.

She is fairly set back, but mostly she was not doing something special. But she has a mastermind when we talk about the designing characters. Kou works hard and never gives up until another she develops another perfect character.

Kou is a high standard character, and Aoba contains a taste of this when her proposals banned during teh initial days of working.

Release Date of Game Season 3

New Game Season one was set to release on 4th July 2016 but delayed and again premiered on 19th September 2016. Another episode aired on 3rd May 2017. After that, the next show released on 11th July 2017.

It was amazing and end this show on 26th September 2017, which contained 12 episodes.  Now everyone is waiting for the third show announcement, but no release date revealed yet. 

This anime series got popularity, and now fans have high expectations after the success of two seasons. The producer launched the two-season in one month. If he keeps this spirit, then hopefully, we will get the New Game Season 3 in summer 2020.

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