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Nadine Caridi name comes as the wife of Jordan Belfort, but before that, she is known for the movie called “Wolf of Wall Street.” Her husband has millions of dollars and drug addict, don’t know what Nadine Caridi says about it. This article will talk about all the exclusive information of Nadine Caridi Networth, life, family, career, etc.

Who is Nadine Caridi?

Nadine Caridi

Nadine Caridi is an actress and model who born in England on 6th November 1962. This beautiful lady is 56 years old and still looks so young and charming. Everyone knows her as the next to Jordan Belfort or By the “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

The movie of 2013 reflects Mr. Belfort’s life in the areas of fraud, drug abuse, and multiple businesses. It is a relationship that both husband and wife shared.

Nadine is grown up in Bay Ridge, the town of Brooklyn, in New York’s South. Caridi prefers to keep her family details secret; therefore, we have no details about her parents or siblings.
The beautiful British actress Actress is living in Hermosa Beach in California.

Early Education And Career

Nadine Caridi started her school in John Dewey High School that located in Gravesend in Southern Brooklyn, New York City. At this time, her interest developed in modeling and the fashion industry. After that, she got a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the pacific graduate Institute and a doctorate in 2015.

She started her career as modeling, and the reason for this profession was her body and unique sense of style. She looks gorgeous in deep blue eyes and long blonde hair.

Nadine caridi is best known for her Millet Lite Beer Commercials as a model. The beautiful British model became the popular image of Miller lite in the 90s. Due to it, she got a prestigious place in the entertainment industry. She worked in many commercials, and many people know her by the appearance of the Monday Night Football Commercials of the 90s.

We can say, being a model or actor, she is doing amazing jobs. When her name comes, she is familiar as an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur.

She dated Alan Wilzig, who is former CEO, president, and chairman of the trust company of New Jersey. The interesting fact is that Caridi also introduced her first husband, Jordan Belfort, to Mr. Wilzig, and at that time, Jordan was in a marriage of her first wife, Denise Lombardo.

Personal Life

Nadine Caridi

Nadine and Jordan Belfort met a party where Jordan was working as a stockbroker. At that time, she had stopped dating Alan. Denise Lombardo was the wife of this time who was love from his school days, and then they got divorced.

Jordan and Nadine got married in 1991 in the Caribbean and have two children from this marriage named Chandler Belfort and Carter Belfort. However, they divorced in 2005 due to violence and abuse of drugs. Due to her first husband, she faced domestic violence due to his drug addict behavior as well as Jordan Belfort also had affairs with other women.

Then she got acquainted with John Macaluso, who is a very successful businessman. They both get married after one year of Cardi’s divorce. John Macaluso is much older than Caridi, but she says she is spending a very happy life with him.

Nadine Caridi Net Worth

Nadine Caridi made money from her modeling career. But she also got some shares from Jordan Belfort after the divorce. According to an estimation, the current net worth of Nadine Caridi is $5 million.

Currently What’s she doing?

No doubt, she has a beautiful face with mind and is known for her blue eyes and blond hair. Hse got several contracts as a model, and her relationship with the “Wolf of Wall Street” led to an extravagant lifestyle.

The story is al about what she faced with her husband’s drug abuse at least 15  years. Her experience develops a better understanding of her, and now she is working as a psychotherapist in Hermosa Beach, California. She offers guidance to couples and individuals having marital issues.

Well, Nadine Caridi is living a happy life with her second husband,” Jordan Macalousa.” there is no need for an award to define Nadine Caridi because “Wolf of the Wall Street” is enough to define her.

Nadine Caridi

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