What Are the Most Popular Game Genres?


The gaming industry has quietly been taking over the world. Today, it’s worth more than the music industry and Hollywood combined, and there are no signs that that’s going to change anytime soon. With devices getting better all the time, not to mention more people acquiring smartphones each year, the future looks bright for the gaming world.

Popular Game Genres

This is, in part, because of the sheer number of titles available to gamers. You can find games related to just about everything! Some genres are more popular than others, however. Here, we’ll take a look at a handful of the most popular game types.

Action Games

It’s no wonder that action games are so popular. After all, they require a range of skills, an aspect which helps to create a highly engaging experience. When you’re playing an action game, you’ll need to draw upon your reflexes, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and more. Plus, there’s an obvious fun factor. Some of the most popular action games include the Uncharted series, God of War, and games based on popular movie franchises, such as Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Historical Games

It’s not just modern gaming genres that receive plenty of plays. Historical games that have been adapted for the digital age are also popular. You’ll find plenty of people playing poker, blackjack, and slots online, and especially the latter; sites like LuckyLand Slots offer both paid and free-to-play options, making the games accessible to a wide range of people. Plus, this type of gaming benefits from its portability factor; you can play at home on your computer or on your smartphone from wherever you happen to be.

Sports Games

It can be fun to put on athletic clothing and engage in sports directly. But also, let’s be honest, it’s also a lot more enjoyable not to do that. Happily, gamers have another way to exercise their passion for sport without having to leave the house and break into a sweat. Sports games have been popular since the early days of gaming and continue to be so today. The most popular global sports game is FIFA, but all the major sports, such as basketball and American football, have extremely popular games that sell well within the first day of release.

Popular Game Genres

Battle Royale

It’s impossible to understate the popularity of battle royale games. This genre seemingly came out of nowhere, yet today it’s one of the most played game genres around — and it brings in plenty of cash, too. The popularity comes from the ease and accessibility of play (you can play them on your smartphone) mixed with engaging concepts. The most popular games in this genre are Fortnite and PUBG.

Real-Time Strategy Games

Battle royale games typically provide quick fun when a person is commuting to work or relaxing in the evening. Strategy games ask for a little more from the player; they’re games where you have to really think and sink in deep for a while. Unlike battle royale games, it’s impossible to simply load up titles like World of Warcraft or Rust and expect to conquer the world. It takes time. The narratives are a little more thought out, and the games, in general, are harder to master, too. But that’s part of their charm.

First-Person Shooter

Finally, there are first-person shooter games, which offer a thrilling experience. They require a higher level of concentration than other games, and there’s even an element of terror, which creates engaging gameplay. The most played titles include Call of Duty and Battlefield, which are actually among the most popular game franchises of all time, and which are still going strong years after their first release.

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