Most Expensive Domain Names Sold In 2021


Most Expensive Domain Names Purchased


Previously, the value of a website and domain names was not given much thought. Even today, when most people think of a domain price, they envision something in the neighborhood of $10 to $100. However, the reality is that domain names sell for much more than that.


We’re almost done with the year, and it’s been a wild ride for domain sales. Stoff & Still rebranded and paid $977,500 for the Domain We will discuss the most expensive domain names and how to determine the value of your Domain.


It is not uncommon to see weekly public domain sales in the tens or hundreds of thousands, and domain sales in the millions are not unique. You can find weekly domain sales reports and annual historical sales reports at The year 2022 is off to a fast start, with the Domain selling for $1,228,200. This report is always helpful in determining current sales and trends.

Finding the most expensive domain names is difficult because most parties involved frequently try to keep that information private.



It’s a fairly common belief that some non-disclosure agreement accompanies most high-value domain sales. Fortunately for us, enough sales are public, so we can still get a good sense of the domain market’s health over time.



The worth of the Crypto domain

Similarly, each Crypto domain has its worth. Crypto domains are essentially collections of smart contracts, pieces of software written on a public blockchain. For example, they can serve as a naming registry for crypto wallet addresses, or they can point to blockchain-hosted content, such as a website. Blockchain domain addresses are more commonly used for payments.


Why are crypto domains so costly?

The influx of cryptocurrencies has caused domain name prices to skyrocket by more than 600 percent in five years… Premium domain names are more expensive due to the value they add to a website – if a brand’s website has a relevant domain name, users are more likely to find them when searching for something specific.


According to experts, the precious domain name “” was purchased for $10 million in 2018, though most other reports indicate the actual deal was worth $12 million. The specifics of the transaction, however, were never made public.


How to Select a crypto Domain

Cryptocurrency domains, like regular website domains, have three significant differences: they cannot be censored, you pay a one-time registration fee (no hosting fees), and, most importantly, you can send cryptocurrency directly to the website because it also functions as a crypto wallet!


Given that regular website, domains can sell for thousands or even millions of dollars, those who got in early saw insane returns on investment, such as the guy who bought for $2 in the 1990s and sold it for millions just a few years ago. Cryptocurrency domains appear to have the same potential as long as cryptocurrency adoption grows. This seems to be happening gradually.


The top 25 most expensive domain names have been publicly disclosed. Here are the top 25 most expensive domain names that have been publicly reported.


  1. — $49.7 million
  2. — $35.6 million
  3. — $35 million
  4. — $30.18 million
  5. — $30 million
  6. — $18 million
  7. — $17 million
  8. — $16 million
  9. — £9.99 million
  10. — $14 million*
  11. — $13 million
  12. — $11 million
  13. — $9.5 million
  14. — $9 million
  15. — $8.8 million
  16. — $8.5 million
  17. — $8 million
  18. — $7.5 million
  19. — $7.5 million
  20. — $7 million
  21. — $6.8 million
  22. — $6 million
  23. — $5.8 million
  24. — $5.5 million
  25. — $5.5 million


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