Moisturization of facial skin: answers to main questions

Have you ever thought about the importance of such a stage of facial skin care as moisturizing? Maybe you think that such procedures are unnecessary for your skin type and have never considered the option of performing them? Perhaps, on the contrary, they tried a lot of moisturizers but did not feel the desired effect, and now you reproach yourself for losing something important or not finishing it somewhere? Our article will be useful to everyone. We have collected all the key information on the topic of facial skin hydration and can safely recommend BeeQueen skincare products. We presented the article in a convenient form of questions and answers.

Why do you need to moisturize your skin?

Moisturizing the skin of the face at home is an indispensable daily ritual of care. Why? Well, how would you describe good skin? Smooth, soft, elastic, radiating freshness and natural radiance – something like this? So, it simply cannot be without proper hydration. This is the first, main and obvious reason explaining why moisturize the skin of the face. Regular and high-quality moisturizing is the key to maintaining the aesthetics of the skin for many years.

Here are a few more reasons for you:

  1. Fight against premature aging. Most people know that with age, collagen and elastin in the skin (and these proteins are needed to maintain its smoothness, firmness, and elasticity) are produced in reduced quantities. But few people know that there is also less hyaluronic acid, a component that attracts and retains moisture in the skin layers, plus stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen. If you regularly use products with hyaluronic acid, active hydration is guaranteed. This, in turn, prevents the early appearance of wrinkles, and in existing ones reduces the severity;
  2. Increasing the protective function Daily moisturizing of the skin of the face helps to restore and strengthen the protective hydrolipidic barrier. This is a skin area that eliminates the harmful effects of various external and internal factors. Thanks to it, the skin is less vulnerable to all kinds of aggressive influences, such as low temperatures and sudden temperature changes, strong winds, dry air, etc.;
  3. Support for a beautiful and healthy complexion, uniform tone and texture + resistance to such troubles as peeling and inflammation. All this together contributes to the smooth application of makeup. It is very difficult to make good makeup if the skin texture is uneven or there are some other defects. Cosmetics can roll and even focus on imperfect areas. With properly hydrated skin, the chances of harmonious make-up are maximized.

What is dehydration of the skin, how and why does it occur?

Dehydration is a specific skin condition caused by a lack of moisture. Do not confuse it with dryness. Dry and dehydrated only at first glance seem to be synonymous concepts. When it comes to skin, this is not the case. There is a huge difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is a genetic type that requires specific care to maintain optimal conditions. However, dehydration is a temporary phenomenon, provoking irritating factors. It can be corrected by choosing a good moisturizing facial treatment.

The main causes of moisture deficiency in the skin:

  • age and the associated slowdown in the production of a natural moisturizer – hyaluronic acid;
  • the negative impact on the environment (temperature fluctuations, frosts, dry air, solar ultraviolet);
  • moisturizing cosmetics for the face that do not correspond to the type and needs of the skin, or there is no such thing in the home cosmetic bag at all;
  • non-compliance with the drinking regime.

Dehydration of the skin is manifested as follows:

  • the feeling of dryness, tightness, and discomfort, in particular after washing;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • early appearance of wrinkles and their increased expression;
  • the appearance of lines of dehydration (small wrinkles all over the face, not only in areas with active facial expressions);
  • dull complexion, grayish tint, lack of natural radiance;
  • uneven terrain;
  • decrease in firmness and elasticity;
  • itching, redness, and flaky areas;
  • enlarged pores, excessive sebum secretion, and oily sheen of the face;
  • inflammation, clogged pores, and acne.

If any of the above is found, it is necessary not to delay the solution of the problem, and to implement intensive moisturizing for the face in a timely manner. Remember: dehydration is a temporary condition, and if you follow the recommendations for care, soon the skin will again become beautiful, healthy, full of vitality, and will be in good shape.

Do all skin types need to be moisturized?

There is an opinion that moisturizers are not needed for oily skin, only for dry, well sometimes at most for normal skin. But we found out that dehydration is not synonymous with dryness. The feasibility of moisturizing does not depend on the condition, type, age, and other factors. It is relevant in any case. Any skin can become dehydrated for various reasons. Both dry, normal, combination and oily skin need to be moisturized, and at any age.

A common mistake is not to moisturize oily skin, but rather to actively dry it. This extremely flawed approach only worsens the situation. Sebum begins to be produced, even more, pores become clogged, acne appears, etc.

Moisturization of the face is an essential condition for its attractiveness. Each type of skin needs to be taken care of regularly and correctly so that it radiates health and does not cause unnecessary trouble.

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