Mobile App Development Company: How to Find Skilled Talents Faster

Undeniably, the app market is growing by leaps and bounds. By 2026, it is expected to be worth over $407 billion. As modern consumers prefer mobile screens, it is imperative for any business to be accessible on the go. Hiring experts abroad is a proven way to reduce costs and gain a competitive edge. Today, Ukraine is at the forefront of mobile app development, but how to find the best team for your project quickly?

Instead of looking for local candidates, outsource! This gives access to a rich talent pool instantly. Portfolios of top-rated providers include solutions for some of the biggest global brands, you can visit to learn more. Reduce time to gain an early bird advantage at the app store. Here is how to find competent developers.

competent developers

Where to Begin

Define the pain points your app must address, so your request for services is laser-focused. Analyze your target audience, including occupations, education, etc. Determine their problems you can solve. Next, look at your competitors. How do they address the same issues, and where are they falling short?

Where to Find Programmers

Ukraine offers plenty of advantages in terms of IT outsourcing. First, the local hourly rates are lower than in Western Europe or North America. At the same time, the quality of apps is often beyond reproach. This country is known for its tech startups and unicorns. For example, Grammarly is now worth over $13 billion!

This country has over 400 educational institutions that provide new talents for the IT industry, which is primarily focused on outsourcing. Every year, over 20,000 graduates join the tech workforce. Many of them have experience as they start working in their third or fourth year of study.

Another advantage is the mindset. The vast majority of local developers speak English fluently (at least at the Intermediate level) and share western values. This makes miscommunication less likely. Ukraine is also situated in the GMT+2 time zone, so they have more overlapping hours with Europe and North America than India or the Philippines. Moreover, Ukrainians work longer (40-60 hours per week) and have fewer public holidays (11) than other prominent locations.

How to Search

Create a list of attractive providers, look at their portfolios, and request more information. To identify the most eligible candidates, use personal recommendations, websites like Clutch, social media, or Google search. It is perfectly acceptable to request a client contact list, so you can reach out to previous clients and get genuine feedback. To make sure your mobile project will be executed smoothly, pay attention to:

  • Competence

Top-rated providers assemble teams of hand-picked specialists as per their client’s requirements. You can ask for the CVs of all members. Dedicated development will also allow quick scaling of the team to accommodate any changes.

As for the candidate-to-hire ratio, which shows how many applicants are hired compared to the number of applications. For example, 1.75 shows that the screening process is thorough. Aside from mastery of programming languages (e.g., Java, C++) and mobile frameworks (Flutter, Ionic, etc.), team members also need strong soft skills, as app development is always a collective endeavor.

  • Reliability

Make sure the provider uses tried and tested methodologies, such as Agile, provides regular reporting, and adheres to the terms and conditions stipulated in your contract. Discuss code ownership — it is not always included in the price. Pay attention to the quality of customer service and after-sales assistance. Trusted providers provide support for a particular period after launch and offer long-term contracts for maintenance.

  • Speed

In mobile development, time is of the essence, as this industry is fiercely competitive. Yet, be wary of providers that offer estimates without doing any research. A reliable IT company in Ukraine will produce a detailed plan of action based on your business logic, goals, audience, and requirements.

Using Frameworks like Flutter, local developers can build app versions for six different platforms from the same code base. This is a great way to reduce costs and speed up development.


To Sum up

Outsourcing to Ukraine will give you instant access to a wide pool of highly qualified experts with proven experience. Note that portfolios do not usually include all projects, and you can request additional information concerning existing and previous clients. Pay attention to professional qualifications, the quality of communication, reporting procedures, involvement, and reliability overall.

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