Mobile app A/B Testing: Be in the Groove


The effectiveness of goods and services promotion depends on how accurately it’s possible to predict the clients’ expectations and satisfy their needs. The most common marketing research method is A/B testing. It can also be called a real science on running the special testing inside an item’s page on the app stores. Such a solution is really decent for a few variants comparison. The technique will help improve the characteristics of the app and its profitability.

A/B testing: what is it?

The method allows you to compare 2 versions of an app based on one changing element. The purpose of testing is to optimize the operation of the asset and improve the efficiency of business indicators. The target audience is divided into a few parts. Each of them must evaluate the version of the app with different elements. The analysis takes into account such parameters as time spent on the app’s page and bounce rate. Standard A/B testing helps to check the effectiveness of any changes and find out the one that performs better. Such a solution allows you to identify the effectiveness of some parameters.

  • Interface changes.
  • Content quality.
  • User perception of headings and other elements.

A/B testing in most cases is aimed at optimizing the conversion. Sometimes making even minor changes can increase traffic and sales. It’s referred to such elements as screenshots and other visuals.

Mobile app a/b testing

Benefits of A/B testing

A standard A/B test is most often carried out to check different elements to identify improvements. A common mistake when using A/B testing is to consider a method only for design or development purposes. Using decent tools will help increase conversion rates and evaluate various segment rates. An important role is played by the absence of haste when summing up the results of the analysis. Collecting information within a few days will help to obtain reliable information. This approach will allow you to identify an effective design option to increase various audience segments and product positioning.

  • Ability to positively influence mobile growth. Using cohort analysis within Google Analytics measures core metrics, engagement metrics, and conversion metrics.
  • Identification of errors. A/B test is aimed at identifying design flaws, the elimination of which will increase sales. The most common mistakes are low-quality images, poorly designed buttons, imperfect navigation, and incorrectly developed elements.
  • Space for experimentation. A/B tests are aimed at testing the effectiveness of different component parts. The study is aimed at identifying user preferences. You can check the user’s path, the location of the menu, other elements, the size and font of the text, visual elements (videos, colors, logos, etc.). Consistent changes guarantee results. Their goal should lead to a traffic increase.
  • Enhance the marketing opportunities of the app. An analysis of the most popular products should be carried out before testing. A/B test will help increase revenue, minimize bounce rates, detect pitfalls, and profitably use competitive advantages.

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Tony Altidore
Tony Altidore
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