Story of Jeanette Ragland Life, Grandmother of Meghan Markle


In our modern era, obtaining information about any renowned figure is as easy as a few clicks, thanks to the Internet’s vast resources. However, in the past, when resources were scarce, limited information resulted in less widespread knowledge about famous individuals.

Story of Jeanette Ragland Life, Grandmother of Meghan Markle

Similarly, Meghan Markle, a distinguished name in the royal family, is known by all. But how much do we know about her grandmother, Jeanette Ragland? Many of you will have the answer in No. Right?

It’s fine. We are writing this article to give you quick insights about this personality. Continue reading to delve into the life of Meghan Markle’s grandmother.

Quick Facts

Real name Jeanette Ragland
Gender Female
Birth Year 1929
Death Year 2000
Father’s Name James Arnold
Mother’s Name Netty
Profession Nurse
Spouse Joseph Johnson

Alvin Azell Ragland

Children Doria Loyce Ragland(Megan Markle’s mother)

Joseph Johnson Jnr

Sandra Johnson

Early Life 

Jeanette was born at the beginning of the great depression in 1929. She opened her eyes to a middle-class family. Her father’s name is James Arnold, and her mother’s name is Netty. Her father was not a wealthy man, but he worked very hard to give his family the best support he could at that time. 

Story of Jeanette Ragland Life, Grandmother of Meghan Markle

She took her early education from Cleveland as her father could not afford her higher education expenses, so she had to leave her education. Her mother brought her up as a very skillful and caretaking girl who dared to face hurdles.

First Marriage

At the age of only 19 years, Jeanette Ragland got married. It was her first marriage, which was an arranged marriage. She was married to Joseph Johnson and was happy with her married life. She was blessed with two lovely kids, Joseph Jr, and Sandra, from him.

Her life took a very unexpected turn after her kids. Her husband left her and started his life with another lady. Although it was a challenging time for her, she didn’t allow hard times to take away her perseverance and compassion. In fact, she endured every difficulty with great courage.

Life as a Single Mother

The life of a single mother is not easy, but this brave lady faced every challenge with her powerful skill of bravery. She brought up her kids all alone and loved them unconditionally. She was a shining star for her kids as she did each and every possible thing for them.

Story of Jeanette Ragland Life, Grandmother of Meghan Markle

She spent endless nights working tirelessly to provide the best life for her kids with all the opportunities life had to offer. She was their biggest cheerleader, fiercest protector, and most trusted confidante.

High Morale and Strengths

She embraced her role as a single mother with unwavering strength and devotion. She guided her children through life’s turbulence with a firm, nurturing hand. She also taught them valuable life skills and values to survive in the cruel world. 

Throughout her life, she was committed to ensuring the happiness and success of her children.

She invested all her heart and soul into their nice upbringing. She always ensured they had a solid foundation to build their future. 

Second Marriage

Life takes unpredicted turns and rounds. We don’t know what will happen next. The same thing happened to her as she didn’t know that she would ever start her new life chapter again until she met Ragland and fell for him.

She started her married life with Alvin Azell Ragland in Cleveland. They both shifted to a basement apartment in the three-story building situated in Cleveland. She gave birth to the mother of Meghan Markle, named Doria, in September 1956.

Role as Meghan Markle’s Grandmother

Doria was married to Tom, a white man 35 years old man. It was a love marriage; therefore, their wedding combined white and black families in a knot. In this way, Jeanette became the grandmother of their daughter, Meghan Markle.

Jeanette was a very kind and polite grandmother to her grandchildren. In return, they also loved her so much due to her compassionate nature. Meghan was attached to her grandmother, used to visit her on weekends, and cared for her even in the last days of her life.


At 71, Jeanette Ragland experienced a life-threatening stroke that put her on a great trial. Although she had a very caretaking family atmosphere, she couldn’t survive more with the thorns of life and died in 2000.

Story of Jeanette Ragland Life, Grandmother of Meghan Markle

She got massive support from her grandchildren and children in the last years of her life. Meghan’s presence was a source of comfort and relief during Jeannette’s illness. As she cared for her grandmother with tender love and compassion, she ensured she had nothing to lack. 

Wrapping Up

Throughout her lifetime, Jeanette Ragland embodied love, perseverance, and a deep commitment to family that significantly impacted all who knew her. As Meghan Markle’s grandmother, she played a pivotal role in molding her character and life journey.

Her life story inspires us all and reinforces the importance of treasuring family connections and appreciating the ties that weave families together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bond was between Meghan Markle and her maternal grandmother?

They both have an intense bond of love and attachment. Meghan Markle confessed that she loved her grandmother so much that she always provided her the warmth of, love and compassion. Even in the last days of Jeanette's life, Meghan served her best with helping hands of love and care.

Who was Doria to Jeanette Ragland?

Doria was the daughter of Jeanette Ragland. She was born in September 1956 when Jeanette was second married to Alvin Azell Ragland. Doria and Jeanette had an intense feeling of love and care for each other. They both shared a close mother-daughter bond with each other.

Did Jeanette Leave her kids after her second marriage?

No, she didn't leave her kids. She brought up all her children with so much love and care. Moreover, Sandra and Joseph, and Doria were half-siblings and were brought up together like real brothers and sisters. They all had a great love bond that was the fruit of her mother's enrichment.

With whom Jeanette Ragland lived in her late years?

She lived with her son, Joseph. However, Meghan Markle also visited her grandmother every weekend with her mother to look after her. She also spent some nights giving her grandmother a token of love and care on her own.

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