Who Is Megan Fox?What about Megan thumb-like toes?


Megan Fox is an American actress who achieved stardom after appearing in the ‘Transformers’ film series.

Who Is Megan Fox?

  This American Actress receives a lot of attention from the media. Not only her stunning look and successful career but also her thumbs have earned her a lot of attention over the years. Yes, It’s an interesting fact.

People love Megan Fox’s flaw happens to have unusually short and stubby thumbs from a condition known as brachydactyly. 

Does it seem appealing that why people would take so much interest in someone’s thumbs? Her thumbs are a lot stubby and flatter than the rest fingers, which look normal. Megan’s thumb looks like toes having shortened digits. In her interview with jay leno, Megan described her thumbs as weird, but they don’t cause any functionality issues. In comparison, Internet users are naming them Megan’s imperfection, but she’s not ashamed of them. Indeed, her thumbs look different, but that doesn’t change that she is still stunning.

Megan Fox

Early Life of Megan Fox

                         Megan Fox was born in 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee.

She celebrates her birthday on May 16 of every year. Her father, Franklin Thomas Fox, a parole officer, and her mother, Gloria Darlene, divorced when Fox was three years old. She and her sister Kristi Branim Fox was raised by her mother and stepfather, Tony Tonachio.

  • From the age of 5, she continued taking singing and dancing lessons.
  • At the age of 13, she started her modeling classes.
  • At 16, she left her high school and moved to Los Angeles just a few years later of her success( won multiple awards at the American Modeling and Talent Convention)

Net Worth Of Megan Fox

     The net worth of Mega is estimated to be(approx) $8 million as of 2021.

 Megan Fox Dating History

                   Here is a brief overview of Megan’s affairs and personal relationships.

  •  She dated the former 7th heaven star David Gallagher in 2003.
  • Later on, she dated Brian Austin Green in 2004 and married him on June 24, 2010. They had three children Noah Shannon Green (born 2012), Bodhi Ransom Green (born 2014), and Journey River Green (born 2016). Well, a source told, they ended up filing for divorce on November 30, November 30, 2020.
  • Now there have been rumors that she’s in a relationship with singer Machine Gun Kelly.
    Megan Fox

Career Highlights Of Mega Fox

Here are the best highlights of Megan Fox’s career: 

  • Jennifer’s Body (Movie, 2009)
  • Jonah Hex (Movie, 2010) 
  • This is 40 (Movie, 2012) 

All about the Body Measurements of the Actress


Here are the body measurements of this stunning Actress:

  • Megan Fox Weight: 52Kg (114 lbs)
  • Megan Fox Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
  • Megan Fox Bra Size: 34 C
  • Megan Fox Shoe Size: 7 US
  • Megan Fox Body Measurement: 34-22-32 inches

Further critical details of Actress


  • Megan Fox Birthdate: May 16, 1986
  • Megan Fox Age: 35 years old   
  • Megan Fox Eye Color: Hazel
  • Megan Fox Hair Color: Neutral Brown
  • Megan Fox Nationality: American
  • Megan Fox Religion: Christianity
  • Megan Fox Spouse/Boyfriend: David Gallagher, Brian Austin Green(x-husband), Machine Gun Kelly.



             Overall,thumb-like toes(Brachydactyly ) are a unique condition also called club thumb or fat thumb. Brachydactyly is not unusual to Megan Fox. It is just a harmless malformation that causes the bones to be relatively shorter. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Megan Fox

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