Make Your Skin Glow Using These Natural Remedies At Home!

Every woman craves a perfect picture and beautiful skin. Whether you are a student, homemaker, or a working professional woman, it is very important to have healthy skin.

However, beauty does matter but healthy skin is much more important than beauty. Skin is our body’s largest organ and it serves as a protective barrier between your insides and the rest of the world. Moreover, it will help in controlling your body temperature and acting as a filter. It exists in a constant state of growth where old cells dying as new cells are forming every day. So, you need to be cautious before using any ingredients whether your preferred remedy is harmful to your skin or not.

Before dive into the natural skin glowing tips, you need to stop a few things from you to glow your skin properly through natural remedies. Even if you use the best remedies for glowing skin, you won’t get good results if you don’t change certain bad habits.

Here some such skincare mistakes:

  • Having your make up while sleeping
  • Use of hot water to wash face
  • Exfoliating your skin too often or little
  • Irregular in moisturizing because of the fear of acne
  • Sleeping less than 7 hours a day

Let’s talk about some home remedies now.

Use of Turmeric

Turmeric acts as an exfoliating agent that helps in defeating the signs of aging. Moreover, it will protect your skin cells from free radical damage. Using turmeric also helps to get rid of acne and reduce skin aging. Take 2 tablespoons of flour. You can use rice flour or regular flour, or ground oats if your skin is dry and 1 teaspoon turmeric, 3 tablespoons of milk. Add a few drops of honey with the mix and apply it to your skin. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it with warm water.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a very common and famous home-remedy that is used for lightening skin quickly. As all of you may know that lemon contains vitamin C and citric acid. Therefore, they can help brighten and whiten your skin when used over time. Simply make a paste of lemon juice by mixing it with the turmeric powder. Apply this paste to your face and keep it for 20 minutes. This process will help you generate new cells on your skin or face. Besides, using some Vitamin C Soap can be helpful for clean, soft, glowing skin.


Papaya has skin lightening power that helps clear blemishes and pigmentation. It works as a powerful exfoliator and dissolves inactive proteins and dead skin cells of our skin. Take a ripe papaya and mash it. Make a paste by mixing with the milk and honey. Apply it to your skin or face and keep it up for the next 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water.

Keep Body Hydrated

Water helps you flush out toxins from the body, and it is the best friend of the skin. However, in the morning, just after you wake up, drink 1–2 glasses of lukewarm water with raw ginger juice. Consuming lukewarm water the entire day also reduces your weight and keeps you fit. Do take green tea or ginger tea in the evening (add spices if you want).

Eat Healthily

Always choose healthy food to eat and avoid deep-fried and oily food: Close to nature, close to you. Always opt for raw fruits and vegetables (after washing them properly, preferably with hot water). Go for beetroot, apples, carrot, tomato, lemons, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, musk melon. The list goes on. I have suggested only a few things. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can also take juice if you don’t like eating it raw.

Be Positive and Stay Happy

State of mind directly affects our mood and skin. Therefore, stay away from stress, be positive. Do well to others. Read good books, watch festive shows. You may even take the help of spirituality.

Sweat Out and Meditate

A physical workout is essential to remove toxins from the body. Meditation helps in stabilizing the mind and the body.

Bath with Gentle Soap

In the present world, pollution does a lot of harm to the skin. Therefore it is necessary to wash your skin daily. But be careful about the choice of soap. It should not be too harsh on your skin. Go for Ayurveda soaps and do read the TFM level at the back. Make it a habit to apply homemade ubtan or scrubber at least once a week (on Sundays).

You can use flour (besan) +turmeric+ oats/ cinnamon powder + curd+ lemon juice. After scrubbing and taking a bath, preferably with lukewarm water, do not forget to apply moisturizer in generous quantity. Do not clean your face before sleeping, preferably with milk and cotton.

A Short and Sharp Shower

If you have dry skin, keep your showers and bath – short. Reducing the time spent soaking in warm water to less than 15 minutes will prevent the skin from being stripped of its natural oil.

Giving up Smoking

Smoker’s face is a medical term for the lines and wrinkles – typically radiating at right angles from the upper and lower lips. But it’s not just wrinkled face that characterizes the persistent smoker, loss of skin elasticity can be one of the issues too.

Wash with Rice Water

Wash your face with rice water twice daily. As an Asian lady, you may cook rice for the family almost every day. Just separate a bowl of rice. Take water and dip the whole rice in the water. You can do this to have the rice be fully submerged by an inch or two. Let your rice step for about 30 minutes without cooking it. Filter and use it to wash your face after your cleansing routine. It has so many benefits, especially since it brings both brightening and anti-inflammatory. It will benefit your complexion.

Creams and Moisturizers

Go for natural creams and moisturizers as they do not pose any threat to our skin. You can also apply Aloe Vera, MOISTURIZERS, and body lotion. Take 7–8 hours of beauty sleep: sleep naturally heals all the wrong things in the body. So never forget to have your beauty sleep.

Last and the most awaited part (face packs): you may apply these face packs thrice in a week or even daily in the morning or the evening or at night (but do not forget to clean it afterward), as per your own choice. First of all, remember to wash your face with water and then apply it.

  • Honey: You can apply honey directly onto your face or combine it with lemon juice or cinnamon powder.
  • Curd: You can apply it directly or with turmeric in it.
  • Raw Milk: Apply it directly or soak some desired rose petals, or you can even mix rose water into it.
  • Gram Flour + Turmeric + Lemon + Curd/Milk: It will do wonders for the skin.

If you follow all these steps sincerely and with a positive frame of mind, I guarantee you glowing skin within 15 days to 1 month.

Final Words

  • Don’t go outside without applying sunscreen.
  • Say Big No to Smoking, as smoking speed-ups your skin age.
  • Use only those skin products which match your skin need.
  • Wash your face at least thrice daily.
  • Don’t take too much stress.
  • Ask a dermatologist if you face any problem with your skin or dislike anything about it.

However, you can follow any of the above ingredients to glow your skin naturally. Whatever you use, the main thing is using safe ingredients that have no side effects on your skin or face. For selecting some more safe skin glowing ingredients, this article might be helpful for you. So, let me know about your suggestion by commenting below in the box.

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