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There are few destinations in the world that are as famous for gambling and their wild nightlife as Las Vegas. The capital of Nevada, which also goes by the name Sin City, Entertainment Capital of the World, and America’s Playground, offers over-the-top entertainment and leisure activities. Everything it does, it does it well and in abundance: world-class restaurants, eat-all-you-can buffets, slot machines, boxing matches, and everything in between.

With such energy, it’s no wonder that luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot is using Las Vegas as the background for its new Classic Fusion watches. The brand recently released the Hublot Classic Fusion Las Vegas Boutiques collection in four styles and it’s exclusive to its two Las Vegas showrooms: The Forum Shops at Caesars and The Shops at Crystals.

The New Classic Fusion Collection is Exclusive in Las Vegas

The quartet of new Hublot Classic Fusion watches is heavy on the brand’s proprietary materials Black Magic ceramic and King Gold. It’s available in four options: the Chronograph King Gold, King Gold Black Diamond, and Tourbillon Chronograph King Gold Black Diamond Pave.

In a statement, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said that Las Vegas is one of the brand’s top markets in North America and the rest of the world. It attracts customers who are looking for everything Hublot has to offer: luxury, innovation, and flair.

“We hope this piece shows our gratitude to our loyal Las Vegas base and celebrates this city that has welcomed us so wholly,” the statement read. Continue reading as we look closer into the new Las Vegas Boutiques collection from Hublot.

A Closer Look

As a master of fusion, Hublot has a reputation for using the most unlikely pairs of materials like carbon, ceramic, and rubber, as well as developing new colors with precious metals. King Gold, for example, is the brand’s proprietary gold color with a warmer shade than the usual 5N 18K. In the new Las Vegas collection, it is heavily paired with Black Magic and the results are watches that boast elegant accents, reminiscent of the city’s nightlife.

The collection’s headliner, Classic Fusion Chronograph incorporates this impressive Hublot palette in the form of a 45mm black ceramic case, black dial, and black alligator leather straps. Meanwhile, the proprietary King Gold provides more than just accents—it lights up the entire collection just how the Vegas Strip lights at night. The “Lucky 7” marker at 7 o’clock is set with six black diamonds to bring good luck to the discerning wearer.

Beating inside the Chronograph watch is the in-house manufactured HUB1143 self-winding chronograph movement. It boasts a 42-hour power reserve and a date window at 6 o’clock. It is limited to just 21 pieces and if you think that’s a little too few, the Classic Fusion Chronograph Las Vegas Boutiques Diamonds is just a third of that.

For a little more glitz, the Classic Fusion Chronograph Las Vegas Boutiques Diamonds doubles down on the black diamonds with its diamond-set bezel. It’s flashy without looking so overdone that it looks inappropriate outside Las Vegas. It’s also powered by the HUB1143 movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

A Full House

Completing the collection are two additional pieces: the Classic Fusion Chronograph King Gold Black Diamond Pave and the Classic Fusion Tourbillon. Each of these four exceptional versions of the Classic Fusion features display case backs with the iconic sign “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada”. They are available for viewing exclusively at the Hublot Las Vegas Boutiques. The Classic Fusion Chronograph retails at $19,100 while the diamond-set version costs $25,400.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But, with these exclusive pieces, you can leave the vibrant city with something that lasts a lifetime. Even if you’re not able to get your hands on these limited-edition watches, there are more Classic Fusion watches that are just as luxury-looking as them. Below are our 5 best picks.

3 Best Black And Gold Classic Fusion Watches

1. Classic Fusion King Gold Automatic Black Dial Ref. 511.OX.1181.LR

This automatic Classic Fusion is as aesthetically appealing as it is functional, bold, and dynamic. It is presented in the signature Hublot palette: a matte black dial with rose gold-tone hands, a matching 45mm King Gold case, and black straps that are either made of alligator leather or heavy-duty rubber. It has an anti-reflective and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass and a King Gold bezel that is screwed with 6 H-shaped titanium screws. Inside is the Calibre HUB1112 automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve.

2. Classic Fusion Automatic Black Dial Diamonds 18K Rose Gold Ref. 542.OX.1181.LR.1704

This Classic Fusion is as grand as the Classic Fusion Chronograph Las Vegas Boutiques Diamonds but is far more accessible than the latter. It features a black dial with gold-plated hands, housed in a 42mm rose gold case. However, what makes it a standout is the 228 diamond setting on the case and 138 brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel. It is powered by the HUB1110 automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

3. Classic Fusion Aerofusion King Gold Automatic Skeleton Dial Ref. 525.OX.0180.LR

Hublot has a long-standing history of pushing beyond boundaries to produce watches that are both classical and revolutionary. A case in point is this Aerofusion King Gold Automatic watch that features a skeleton dial, where all of its inner workings are visible through the front. It sports a black dial with rose gold-tone hands, a matching 45mm rose gold case, sapphire crystal glass, and skeleton black. Inside is the HUB1155 automatic movement with the same 42-hour power reserve.


Of all the Hublot Classic Fusion watches, arguably the most in-demand are those that have the black and gold color combination. It’s a palette that best represents the brand and its slogan, “The Art of Fusion”. Few other brands have had success in fusing different materials as Hublot has, integrating fine ceramics, carbon fiber, and rubbers to create pieces that look both modern and traditional.

Which of these Classic Fusion watches is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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