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There is never-ending warfare between giving the family member freedom to go anywhere they want and worrying about concern for their safety. We are so concerned and alert about our family member’s safety. When our children and family members are out of home for a long time, it will tense us.

As a consequence, we start calling them time and again. But thank the technological world because there are no longer those days where you need to call from time to time to know their whereabouts.

With the help of the best location tracking app, you can see their current location. You can relax by giving the duty of tracking your children and family members to the technology. That means technology will work as a caretaker. It’s awesome.

Right? But before starting, ensure your family member has not used the fake GPS location app to fool you.

Before giving the duty to the technology, only two things will require. The first is a smartphone. And the second one is the best location tracking app for family members. Yet, the internet is full of family locator apps and finding the best one can be challenging for you. But don’t worry, this article covers some best location trackers.

Before going to the main topic, let’s discuss some other subjects.

What to look for when searching for the best tracker?

You can track your family members 24/7 and protect your loved ones with the help of the best location tracker app. With a real-time location tracking app, you can share your location with family members and can seek help in an emergency.

Ideally, you have to look for the most needed features on the tracking app because it will make your life easier. And the first thing to remember while searching for the best tracker is that the app comes from trustworthy and reputed developers.

Location history

The tracker app you choose must show where the phone has been before on the virtual map. In addition to that, it must show you the pictures and videos of activities that take place in those areas.

Virtual Geofence

The application must let you track people who are near around 100-200meters.

Speed alert notification

It will provide the driver support and let you notify whenever the member is driving at over speed. Never let your family member become a texting and driving mishap victim.

Real-time live location

Not just only the location history, but the best family tracking app will help you to see the real-time location. You can also use a phone number for the real-time location tracking of a cell phone.

Safety check-Ins

This feature will let you check-in in a certain area so that your family can ensure you have safely reached a particular location.


The tracking app must work on iOS and Android because the family member may use mobile phones that support the different operating systems.

SOS Alerts

In case of emergency, the family members can send the relay messages.

How does the family location tracking app work?

The family locator app detects another phone location based on the virtual map. The apps are designed to be user-friendly with a simple interface. With the help of GPS technology, people can navigate around, and get notification alerts and details of family members’ whereabouts.

The best tracker app is compatible with both Android and iOS. The only thing you need is a device with GPS functionality. After that, choose the best location tracking app and install it on your and your family member’s device. And then, as long as the device has GPS service turned on, you can track the family member’s location from anywhere.

It is important to use the location tracking application not only to track the GPS location but also to ensure the children are not involved in any kind of dangerous activity.

Best location tracking app for family members of 2022

Without further delay, let’s quickly jump to the best location tracking app for family members of 2022. But before picking any application for yourself, I recommend you go through each app’s features.

Glympse-Share GPS Location

Glympse application will give you quick details of each family member’s real-time GPS location. You can monitor your family members, employees, colleagues, and friends with this family locator app. It provides real-time location with the help of a dynamic map and GPS tracking.

Most importantly, it will let you track the location for free. And you don’t need to download the app on another person’s phone. You can simply open the Glympse application and press the “New Glympse” button. And then, send it through email or text message to someone you want to monitor. The message will contain the link, and when the person opens the link from the browser, you will get their current location information on your phone.

When your family members are at a party and concert with a huge crowd, it will let you track their precise location. This family tracking app lets your boss know when you get stuck in traffic.

Glympse-Share GPS Location


  1. Don’t require you to sign in before using it.
  2. Free, Fast, and easy to use.
  3. Share details of emergencies.
  4. Notify whereabout.
  5. It runs in the background.
  6. Works globally. Only you need a stable internet connection and GPS.


Reason to avoid

  1. You need to update the location manually.

Google Maps

Google Maps will provide you with real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information for free. Above 220 countries and territories are mapped on Google maps. You can enjoy the service of Google Maps through Mobile and the web.

Google Maps



  1. Share your location for a long duration.
  2. See the battery percentage of the added device, mainly if you are tracking your kid.
  3. Get real-time information about buses and trains.
  4. Share location with family members and friends.
  5. Offline map to look and navigate without an internet connection.
  6. Compatible with Android and iOS.


Reason to avoid

High battery usage.

Google Family link

Google family link is the free parental control application offered by Google. You can do more than just track locations. You need to download the app on both parents’ and children’s devices.

Life360 Find Family & Friends


Guide your child to healthy content.

Set screen time limits.

Block and unblock the application.

Lock your child’s device remotely.


Both parents and children need to download separate applications.


If you are interested in tracking more than the location, you can use the parental control application, MobileSpy.io. MobileSpy.io is a popular spying application that anyone can use. You can choose the basic or premium subscription and pay as you wish.


With the help of MobileSpy.io, you can monitor the target person’s entire mobile activities remotely. Spouses can use the app to check whether their partner is betraying them or not. Parents can use it to protect their children from viewing inappropriate content and take them away from cyber predators and scammers. It is available both on Android and iPhone.


  1. Social media monitoring
  2. GPS tracking with geofence alert
  3. Keylogger
  4. Block inappropriate content and websites.
  5. Check the browser history
  6. Screen time limit


Reason to avoid

  1. The screen record feature is not available.
  2. Need to jailbreak the device to use some advanced features.


Life360: Find Family & Friends

You can use the Life360 family locator app to know where your family members are. It allows you to communicate and get more connected with your family members. Life360 app is able to gain the trust of over 33 million people every day. You can see the different subscription plans provided by Life360 and choose one which suits you. You can also try a 7-day free trial.

Though it is a free app, available on iPhone and Android, you have to pay to grab the advanced feature.

Google Family link


  1. ID theft protection
  2. Can get driving directions with route information.
  3. Can communicate using text messages. You can share the information within a saved circle.
  4. SOS alert.


Reason to avoid

Constantly update location, which drains the battery excessively.


Let your family members enjoy their lives by visiting every place they want without worry. These are the best location tracking app for family members; you can use them to track your family members to stay stress-free. You need to download some applications on both devices, whereas some work on the web.


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