Living on the Most Luxurious Island in Dubai: Palm Jumeirah


One of the most beautiful wonders of Dubai is Palm Jumeirah. Extending the coastline of Dubai to another 75 miles, this picturesque man-made island provides its residents with a brilliant lifestyle. The artistic element added to the already breathtaking island has enabled the residents to enjoy the spectacular sights around them. Special attention has also been paid to the architecture of villas, townhouses, and apartments, which has made Palm Jumeirah one of the best-designed areas of Dubai. This page will help you know all the essential details about Palm Jumeirah that make it the best place for investment.

Why Invest in Palm Jumeirah?

Some of the facts explained above already make it clear that the island is located in a very significant location. This island ranked Dubai among the top tourist attractions as well as the top most visited places in the world. Any tourist attraction rarely provides you with beautiful views and a luxurious lifestyle. Palm Jumeirah promises not only a serene environment but a fancy and comfortable residence as well. Due to this many celebrities own homes on the island, including Michael Owen and David Beckham. The island is considered one of the top places to live in UAE. The villas of Palm Jumeirah are famous for their architecture and grandeur. You will enjoy supreme amenities whether you choose to live in the center of the city or you prefer a private residence on the island. This explains the significance of investment in Palm Jumeirah.

Signature Villas

Dubai is renowned for having beautiful villas, many places are famous because of spectacular villas. However, villas in Palm Jumeirah are one of a kind. Towering along the seaside, the villas offer the residents to enjoy splendor views of the sea. Some villas cover up to 7000 square feet and some are even bigger. The modern style architecture of villas, roomy bedrooms, and eye-catching views of the sea make the island one of the best places to own a villa. The villas are mostly suitable for families and large groups of friends because they are too spacious for a single person.

Beach Apartments

Sizes ranging from 3000 square feet to 4000 square feet, the beautiful beach apartments are the best options even if you want to live alone on the island. These apartments are designed in such a way that you can see the skyline, coast, and sea from the windows and terraces. Besides the beautiful interior, the apartments provide you with all the essential means of entertainment including Wi-Fi, furniture, elevators, etc.


The townhouses are not as grand as villas but they are perfect for families who are looking forward to living in Dubai for a long time. There are many luxury townhouses for sale in Palm Jumeirah options available and have big terraces, large plots, and contemporary-style architecture. They are beautiful and provide you with easy access to restaurants, cafes, and salons. The plots enable you to have several outdoor activities in your house.

Life in Palm Jumeirah

There is a list of reasons that have made Palm Jumeirah one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. The fact that the island is man-made and still offers every luxury that any natural island in Dubai can offer proves that life on Palm Jumeirah has to be one of its kind experience. Although people prefer visiting the island during vacations, Palm Jumeirah promises you the most comfortable and lavish lifestyle if you choose to live there permanently. Besides beautiful villas and homes, the island provides many other luxuries as well due to which you must consider investing in building a home in Palm Jumeirah.

1- Awe-inspiring views.

If you are a fan of beautiful sights then Palm Jumeirah should be your top-notch priority as the island has some breathtaking views because of being situated near the ocean. Beauty does not only depend upon views but the community also plays a big role in assuring the neatness of any region. The community living on Palm Jumeirah is extremely classy making the island one of the best places to live.

2- Serenity

The constant advancements in the fields of science, technology, and all other aspects, have forced the man to worry about excelling in whatever he is doing. This behavior has given rise to the hustle and bustle in the cities making it difficult to live in the big city as the turmoil of factories muffles the sounds of birds in such places. Man loves to be surrounded by nature, and Palm Jumeirah makes sure that you do not feel suffocated as there you can relax being surrounded by the beautiful wonders of nature. Normally, in the countryside, people can only have easy access to peace and they stop living their normal lives because of being away from malls, clubs, etc. However, at Palm Jumeirah, you can enjoy the peace while being near everything that you can need. The island has schools and supermarkets, making it the most peaceful city one can live in.

3- Active Social Life

Man is a social animal, no matter how many luxuries he can enjoy in private if he is not surrounded by people then aloneness will consume him at the end of the day. Considering the significance of social life, the island has many restaurants and cafes that remain open at night making the nightlife very bubbly and exciting. For people who prefer sleeping early, the island has many clubs that offer the residents to build relations with other people. As Palm Jumeirah has a lot of hangout spots for you and your family, therefore, it is impossible to not have an active social life while living on the island.

If you are considering buying a property in Dubai then, considering all the facts mentioned above, Palm Jumeirah has to be your supreme priority. The island will not only provide you with beautiful views and a peaceful environment but will also help you to have the best social life. Palm Jumeirah is a whole package, investment on the island will never make you regret your decision.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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