Lildedjanet  Body Measurements, Career, Net Worth, Relationship


Lildedjanet is a certified Instagram model who was born in 2000. The beautiful girl has a massive fan following on her account. She is very active and very confident. Janet always attracts her fans with proactive photos, and they really love her.

She has almost 199000 followers on her social media. It is a short intro of Lildedjanet. There is no history of her family and educational background. Most of the time, she also keeps her life private.

Here is some information about Lildejanet’s height, weight, body measurements, net worth, and others.


Lildedjanet  Body Measurements

Full Name Lyon Daniels
Date of Birth 2000
 Age 23 years old
Birthplace America
Profession Instagram Model
Height 5’2”
 Weight 50 kg
Bra Size 34 C
Body Measurements 34-28-40
Shoe Size 6.5 US
 Spouse Single
Net Worth $1.5 million


Relationship Status

She is not involved in any kind of romantic relationship yet. She is still single, and she handles these controversial issues with maturity.

Net Worth

Lildedjanet’s earning came from her social media life. According to reports, the estimated net worth of Janet is $1.5 million. The girl wors so hard for it. You can follow Janet on social media account where you see her beautiful and hot pictures.



Q: How did Lildedjanet become famous?

A: Lildedjanet gained popularity on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where she shares her beauty routines, fashion tips, and lifestyle advice with her followers.

Q: What are some of Lildedjanet’s most famous roles?

A: Lildedjanet is known for her roles in several popular TV series and movies, including [insert titles here].

Q: Has Lildedjanet won any awards for her acting?

A: As far as I am aware, Lildedjanet has not won any major acting awards, but the productions in which her performance has been critical acclaim [insert names of productions].

Q: What is Lildedjanet’s acting style?

A: Lildedjanet is known for her versatility as an actress, and she is able to portray a wide range of characters and emotions in her performances.

Q: What upcoming projects does Lildedjanet have in the works?

A: Unfortunately, I don't have access to current information on Lildedjanet's upcoming projects since my knowledge cutoff is September 2021.

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