Life hacks you’ll wish you knew before

Did you know that if you put your smartphone into a bowl, it has a speaker effect? What about if we told you that rubbing a banana on a scratched CD or DVD can make it look and act as good as new?

There are a few life hacks out there that could prove useful when you’re in a pinch. Here, we reveal a few more to keep in your back pocket.

Hairdryers for watermarks

No matter how many times our parents told us to use a drink coaster, we never learnt, did we? And then, just like that, a watermark appears and ruins an expensive table.

Don’t worry because you can get rid of watermarks quickly with a hairdryer. All you need to do is switch the hairdryer to a cool setting and dry the stain until it begins to fade.

Once it has disappeared, rub a bit of olive oil into the area and your table will be returned to its former glory. This alternative is much cheaper than having to update your home and furniture every time there’s an accidental spillage.

After all, these days it’s chic to be thrifty and to repurpose or fix up furniture pieces that are worse for wear.

Use salt on burnt pans

Another type of wear and tear prevalent in many homes: burn stains on cooking pans. However, just like those watermarks, it’s also easy to get rid of burn stains.

Simply fill the affected pan with cold water and add a few tablespoons of salt. Leave it overnight and then bring the salty water to a boil. Rinse and wash the pan normally and any burnt residue should wipe away.

Alternatively, you could put some water with washing up liquid in the pan and bring it to a boil. Then, pour the mixture out and watch any stubborn stains disappear.

Lemon removes superglue

We’ve all been there. After a morning of arts and crafts, we realise our fingers are now sporting a layer of crusty glue. Even worse, a couple of fingers may even be stuck together.

Don’t worry, though, as there’s a simple solution. By washing your hands with lemon juice and water, you can remove glue from your fingers. If that doesn’t work or you don’t have any lemon to hand (pardon the pun), olive oil or margarine has also been said to work.

Smooth creases without an iron

Whether you forgot to iron or your clothes got a little creased in your suitcase, you don’t need to get the ironing board out. Simply hang your clothes in the bathroom while you shower and watch as the creases fall away.

Wondering why? The heat and moisture created while you shower is absorbed into the clothing and reverses the crinkles. Your clothes won’t feel wet, but you will need to use your hand to smooth out the clothing afterward.

And, if there are still a few small creases, this is where a hair straightener comes in handy. Just put your hair straightener on a low heat level and run it over any remaining creases.

Organise sheets using pillowcases

How many times have you gone to make the bed and been unable to find a matching set, or are missing one of the four pillowcases? With this simple trick, you’ll never have to hunt in your laundry cupboard again.

After washing your bedlinen, fold the sheets, covers and spare pillowcases into one of the pillowcases from the set. That way you know that each matching set is together, and you won’t need to blame the washing machine again!

Determine whether eggs are freshBy placing an egg into a bowl of cold water, you’ll know if it’s good to eat or not. If it sinks, the egg is fine. If it floats, you should probably choose something else. This is because the fresher the egg, the less air there will be under the shell which is why a bad egg begins to float.

Of course, these are just a few life hacks but hopefully, you’ll be able to use them at least once in your lifetime. You can thank us when you do!

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