Lara Trump Shows off her Figure in Bikini With Her Son Luke on Boat Riding

Lara Trump Shows off her Figure in Bikini With Her Son Luke on Boat Riding

On the weekend, Lara Trump showed herself in a bikini while carrying her eight-month-old son Luke. This one is Luke’s first boat ride.

Lara is 35 years old, who is the wife of Eric Trump, and she shares photos on Instagram in which she holds her little boy on the boat. Besides, his photo was also shared with Grandfather Robert Yunaska.

The image is taken at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Lara captioned the image, “Big day!  Luke’s first boat ride!! (He also decided today that he’s done with hats and sunglasses – and I’ve turned into a crazy sunscreen mom #LifeIsFullCircle.”

robert luke yunaska


In the first photo, Lara is sitting along with Luke in her lap. The mother is wearing a string bikini and dark sunglasses; meanwhile, Luke has no red swim trunks. Well, Lara is smiling for the camera, but her son is squinting in the afternoon, but his son will no longer wear sunglasses.

In another image, Luke is shown in the lap of his grandfather Robert. Lara’s father is shirtless and just wearing a pair of shorts with a camouflage “Make America great again” hat that supports his daughter’s father in law Donald trump.
Meanwhile, another photo was revealed in which she is holding on to a blue sun that Luke is trying to take off his head. They also brought their family dog Buffy who curls up next to them on the back of the boat.

robert luke yunaska

In another picture, she gives Luke the caption that sweet snapshot with her father, Robert Yunaska.

robert luke yunaska

The mother also shared her dog’s picture, but it’s unclear her husband Eric plans a meeting in North Carolina.
Eric’s Sister Donald Jr Tiffany Ivanka and her husband headed to Camp David with their father, Donald Trump.
Eric Trump plans a meeting in North Carolina, but most of his siblings headed to Camp David with their father on Friday. The picture is also shared in which Donald Jr., Ivanka, her husband, Jared Kushner, and Tiffany were all seen boarding Marine One while on their way to the president’s retreat in Maryland.
It was the very first time when Lara flew by herself with Luke on Thursday afternoon.
Moreover, Lara also shared a story video on Instagram, where she holds her baby and sitting down in front of the gate at LaGuardia Airport.

robert luke yunaskarobert luke yunaska

Lara used a flower crown filter for clicking the pictures. She also revealed that it was her first solo flight with her eight months old baby. She captioned the photo and added a prayer hands emoji to show that she is hoping that everything will be good.

In the picture, Luke had signature kerchief wrapped around his neck, and Lara is dressed up in a camouflage jacket. Her blonde hair is down and worn in natural waves.

In the background, the other people are also waiting to board the flight. After some time, she revealed that she is flying to North Carolina, but it did not clear why her husband was not with her.

robert luke yunaska

Eric shared a video of Luke cornering their vacuum in his baby walker. Moreover, Eric posted an adorable video of Luke in a baby walker. Lara explains that “he is trying to get home and not going to get home.” Luke continuously move forward, and Roomba pressed against the wall.

robert luke yunaska

Lara showed her trim figure in a red dress and belted at the waist. His father captioned under the video ‘Little Luke is not backing down! #RoombaWars,’

Lara posted a picture of Luke held by her brother Kyle.

robert luke yunaska

Lara spent the memorial day with Luke in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who got to spread some quality time with grandfather Robert and Kyle. She also posted of herself modelling

a MAGA one piece at her father in law.

robert luke yunaska

Lara has a bright face while sporting the red, white and blue one-piece and pair of white eyelet lace shorts.
She captioned the original photo that shows her wearing the same swimsuit and shorts with “ Coming soon.”

robert luke yunaska


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