Kristy Althaus: Body Measurements, Family, Net Worth, Career, and More!


Kristy Althaus is an American contentious Beauty pageant queen. She is famous for allegedly
shifting her place in the Miss Colorado Teen USA Beauty pageant after being entangled in a
porn star.

She was a full-time pupil and general studies significant previous to contending in the
Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant. Kristy is a notorious Pageant Competitor with age 25 times
old group.

Biography and Body Measurements

Born on May 2, 1994, in Sunup, Colorado, the beauty pageant was a promising council pupil
when she queried for the 2012 edition of the Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant. Kristy surfaced
a runner-up behind that time&winner Jacqueline Zuccherino.

There& no information regarding her parents, and if she has any siblings, our platoon is still
conducting a thorough disquisition we will modernize when information is available.

 Full Name: Kristy Althaus
 Date of Birth: May 2, 1994
 Age: 25 years of age
 Place of Birth: United States of America
 Nationality: American
 Zodiac Sign: Taurus
 Body Measurements: 34-28-40 Inches
 Siblings: One Sister
 Bra Size: 34 B
 Height: 5 feet, 3 inches or (159 cm)
 Weight: (112 lbs) or 51 Kg

Kristy Althaus curvy hairs

Quick Facts about Kristy Althaus

 After an adult videotape of her surfaced online further than a time latterly, the judges
switched their decision. They denied the beauty queen of her title though they do not officially verify this.

The adult content clip shows Kristy seated on a bed, facing the camera, and when a manly
voice behind the camera asks how old the model is, she replies that she’s 18.
 The man also inquires if the videotape was her first adult videotape, and she replies,
saying it is.
 The Surfacing of the videotape had a lot of results. However, it was in no way officially
verified that the beauty pageant was stripped of her title following the embarrassing
 However, future Productions Kristy functionary promoters still cleared all references to
her after substantiation of the adult videotape surfaced. They removed a name from the
website for 2012 Official Results.

 They deleted a YouTube videotape that shows the moment when the results were called
out during the beauty pageant.
 It remains unconfirmed that Kristy Althaus was actually in the viral videotape, but she
deleted her social media accounts shortly after the reproach.
 Neither Kristy nor the Miss Teen Colorado USA Pageant producers have made a public
statement about the adult film porno reproach.
 She has dated professional football player Derek Wolfe.
 Her exact payment and net worth are still under exposition.
 We will update when information regarding her precise net worth and wealth is

Kristy Althaus mirror selfie

Kristy Althaus sexy pose

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