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KJ  is 20 years old football Quarter Back from North Panola High School. KJ Jefferson got attention in public when she showed her talent. He had a chance when Quarterback Feleipe Franks transferred from Florida to the University of Arkansas as a graduate transfer.

He was a standout athlete at Sardis Panola High School. The quarterback will lead Arkansas against No 15 in a game rich with tradition. His performance will be crucial. In the past two seasons, he started one game.KJ Jefferson

He made his LBU debut in 2019 as a freshman. He keeps his personal life quite private. We don’t have much information about parents; we just know the name, Katie and James Moore.

After two days, he claimed his mother could not stop raving about Arkansas. The offensive coordinator Joe and other team member emphasized academics.

Jefferson stands tall at six feet and three inches and has 245 pounds weight. According to the Arkansas department, there is a substantial load. Jefferson’s stature can benefit him when he kicks the ball and attempts to escape the sacks in the pocket.

He is so tricky and avoids such errors. He won many past games. In one of the last games, he rushed for 10 yards per carrying. The major disadvantage of Jefferson is that he holds the game for a longer time of period

KJ Jefferson


Why doesn’t KJ Jefferson play?

Jefferson’s right (throwing) shoulder and clavicle have been hurting him and giving him pain.

What was KJ Jefferson’s background?

Jefferson went to high school in Sardis, Mississippi, at North Panola High School. At the end of his high school career, he had passed for 9,582 yards,

run for 2,922 yards, and scored 143 total touchdowns.

Will KJ Jefferson get drafted?

Now that he is a junior, Jefferson is making his way into the middle to early rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft. He was talked about a lot before the season

started, and he has been playing well all season. Sports Illustrated said that Jefferson would be picked in the fifth round and called him a strong

quarterback who plays the position like few others.

Will KJ Jefferson be back the following year?

KJ, the quarterback for Arkansas, has said he won’t go into the NFL Draft in 2023 and will instead play his senior year in Fayette. The Sardis is the (Miss.)

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