Kingdom Season 3: Here’s Everything That You Want to Know!


The kingdom is a family and south Korean horror series by Kim Eun-hee. The series is based on the webcomic Land of the Gods. It is a zombie-ism twist series, so let’s talk about all the details of this horror series.

Release Date of the Kingdom Season 3

Netflix launched the first season of Kingdon on 25th January 2020. fans were really excited and demanded further show. So the Netflix brought the second season of the kingdom. Yes! The second came on 12th March 2020 with six episodes, which were lasting approximately 50 minutes.

Now everyone is asking about the third season release date. We have not any information regarding it; however, it is expecting that the show will come in the first half of 2021. before that, it will not come due to coronavirus outbreak.

Cast Stars of The Kingdom Season 3

Kim Yun hoo is the writer and Kim Seung hoom director of the show. The expected stars for the third season are Joo Ji Hoon as Rajkumar Lee Parivartan, Ryu Seung as Cho Hook-Joo, Bao Donna as Seo Bee. Well, we’ll inform you as we receive any news regarding the stars.

What be Will The Story?

Korea is providing the best entertainment in the world. They have interesting movies and series which are famous all around the world. Netflix also brought many Korean dramas. They earned the popularity of the Netflix series in the kingdom.

We don’t have information about what will happen in the third season, but it will start from where the second ended. In the second, you saw blood and conflict, so the upcoming story could be more complex.

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