Kim Kardashian slaps back at Tyson Beckford who has secret relationship with Berniece Julien


Tyson Beckford made insulting comments on Kim Kardashian’s body on Instagram, and then Kim hit back to him. The 47 years old model criticized her figure and said the doctor f***ed up and slammed her for being not real after a paparazzi picture when it was posted online.

Tyson commented on the picture of Kim, who dressed up for Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles, ” Sorry, I don’t care for it personally.” she wore black velour leggings and a ting crop top. Kim Kardashian clapped back at Tyson after he wrote critical comments about her body.

The blue actor added another scathing comment about Kim’s appearance and said, ” she is not real, doctor f***ed up on her right hip.”

Well, the shade room shared the comments, and social media kept Kim Kardashians updated to see Tyson’s unfiltered thoughts. Kim responded in a very sassy style and insulted that Tyson is gay.

Kim’s also come back with the emojis for a cup of tea and a fro. Moreover, she said that’s none of my business used as a postscript online and features Kermit the Frog sipping a cup of tea.

berniece julien

berniece julien

Tyson made the thoughts clear about Kim’s body and alluding to her being plastic and having gone under the knife. Kim’s third emoji was a hand painting with pink nail polish that is a symbol used to express nonchalance.

The response went viral, and Tyson was unapologetic because he took his Instagram stories later in the day. Tyson wrote that Despite what @Theshaderoom might be trying to say, my opinion on women who do plastic surgery stays the same, not for me! I personally don’t care for it. End the story!

Kim has been plagued by plastic surgery rumors but denied getting butt implants or a Brazilian butt lift. Well, the E star showed off her weight loss after dropped to 119lbs.

berniece julien

Tyson dated Shanina Shaik, who is Victoria’s Secret beauty. There were rumors that he married his girlfriend Berniece Julien and kept his relationship under wraps.
Moreover, he also has a 20-year-old son Jordan Beckford from his ex celebrity stylist April Roomet.

berniece julien

Just like Kim, Tyson also shared his selfie shirtless on Instagram.

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