Kevin Clancy Barstool Sports Host Admits Cheats on His Pregnant Wife


Kevin Clancy, Barstool Sports host, and blogger admitted that he cheated on his pregnant wife. Moreover, he conceded that he had ruined his life, family, and marriage when he cheated on his pregnant wife.

He admitted his mistakes when his wife Caitlin Nugent Clancy wrote in an Instagram post that
she accused him of cheating on her when she was eight months pregnant.

Kevin Clancy posted a video on his Twitter account in which he said, “ I have ruined my marriage, my family, and life because of my selfishness. I acted like a coward and behaved like a boy when I should have behaved like a man.”
What I can do now is ask for forgiveness, Whether or not I deserve it, whether or not I ever get that forgiveness. I can do all in that way that’s best for my wife and kids because I did not do so in the past. Kevin Clancy always has a public life and made a career off talking about other people’s personal lives. Moreover, he also said, I don’t expect anything in return.”

Kevin Clancy

In the Twitter account video, Kevin said, ” I have ruined my life, my marriage, my life because I acted selfishly.”

Kevin Clancy

His wife, Caitlin Nugent Clancy, accused that her husband cheated on her. Meanwhile, Kevin said, “ I want to face this head-on and want to own up to it. I just want to apologize and not run and hide from it.”

Some details should remain private because of my kids because I don’t think they need to be involved and don’t need to share publically. After all, their names end up in the tabloids and end up being dragged through the mud just because of their stupid daughter.

His wife revealed that Last night after I put the kids on their bed. When he was sending messages to his mistress, I saw my husband, who is apparently seeing since I was eight months pregnant.
He was at the hotel in Manhattan with herd days before I gave birth. Moreover, on the day of birth, he was then too.
I thought I married the kind, funny, relatable family man, but he is more insecure and disrespectful Than I ever imagined. He has trashed her and dropped her like a hot photo behind her back so she will receive the same treatment I did.

Kevin Clancy

Kevin Clancy

The couple tied in the knot in 2014. Kevin Clancy is a host and lifestyle blogger. The founder Dave Portnoy recorded a statement and posted on Twitter that “ I did not want Barstool to be silent here.” Moreover, he said, it Stinks; it’s really a bad situation that we never wish.

Kevin Clancy

However, it has become a criticism in recent months after its partnership with ESPN that ended last October. The Disney cable sports giant pulled the plug on its plans to televise a Barstool sports talk show. The decision came from inside ESPN over the partnership.

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