Kayden Coleman Reveals That He Is pregnant with his Second Child


A transgender man, Kayden, is pregnant with his second child. It happened after battling backlash from strangers, and at that time, he was expecting his first baby. Kayden Coleman is 33 years old and started the transition from female to male in 2009.

He was shocked to discover when he was five months pregnant with his first child. Azaelia is six years old now, and he was forced to stop taking testosterone for his mastectomy in March 2013.

She gave birth to Azaelia in 2014; however, the father of one has not had genital construction surgery and kept his female reproductive organs. Once again, he finds out that he was now seven weeks pregnant with his boyfriend, Dominique. The expectant parents are so happy and say they can’t wait to meet the baby. But some people called him a monster.


Moreover, he said, “I do enjoy parts of being pregnant and like the fact that it makes my beard thicker.” However, I don’t get the same pregnancy privileges because I am carrying a child and just assume that it’s a beer belly.

Furthermore, he said growing up as a girl, I hate my chest and wanted to wear a bra; even I did not transition, I would have had a reduction. I never had bottom surgery because it’s expensive, and there are many complications with it, and it can numb things sexually.


How Kayden Get Pregnant Twice?

The first time, Kayden fell pregnant in 2013 when he stopped taking his transition hormones to have his mastectomy. It was a surprise, but he happily welcomed his daughter Azaelia in 2014 with his ex-boyfriend Elija.

After the mastectomy, he decides against having the bottom surgery; therefore, he has the same female reproductive organs and working uterus as a woman.

Kayden said his pregnancy with his current boyfriend was a happy surprise, and he can’t wait to welcome their child in August. Moreover, he said, “ I have never scared of backlash because these people are paying my bills or putting food on my table.”

There were a lot of people who felt sorry when Azaeli was born, and she would grow up and be confused.”  People should understand that we have full autonomy over our bodies.

I am waiting to meet my second baby, and Azaelia is excited about having a little brother and sister. Kayden said he wanted to be a man and three years later started transitioning by taking testosterone.



His top surgery was done in March 2013, and Kayden had to stop taking his transition hormones and fell pregnant with Azaelia. After that, he gave birth to a baby girl in January 2014. He shared his journey as a pregnant trans man and faced a backlash with criticism.
Kayden said that the transition began in 2007, but a female-to-male transition was not so common.

I identified as a lesbian at that tie, and my girlfriend was not okay with me transitioning and tried to talk me out. So, I stopped taking testosterone six weeks before the surgery, and after a month, I conceived my first child. He said he thought I m gaining weight, but actually, I was growing a baby.



Despite the controversy, they were looking forward to meeting their baby and currently planning their shower before it is expected to arrive in August. The couple claims that they have never had problems or funny looks from onlookers even though he did not realize his big Tummy is a baby bump, actually.

He explained that they had not to issue they went out with the Azaelia. People see two men and a baby because it’s not outwardly apparent when I carried her in my womb.


Many people think that we had sex with a woman and adopted her when she says she has to dads, and nobody questions her. It is because we have taught her to be proud of who she is and where she came from.

I have been told that I don’t belong in certain places. Maybe it is because I am not a woman and have been offered an abortion more times than any woman who would have been offered by medical staff.

When I had Azaelia and switch my health insurance back from male, but female called me Mrs. Coleman when I was in the waiting room. Moreover, he said, I went from female to male, that does not mean I have a desire to date women and hyper-masculine or even be cisgender.

I don’t have my body and object parts and am considered a real man. In the end, he said, I a lucky enough to have a working uterus and reproductive system. He allows me to carry a child and create life, so why should I have to reject the part of me because I’m trans.


Kayden also said that some people suggest abortion as late as 28 weeks, along with health professionals.

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