Jordan, Yeezy, and Dunk Sneakers are Coming Hot in Mystery Boxes

Sneakers are a fashion testament, judging from the whooping cost it takes to buy a dunk, Jordan, or Yeezy. The closest estimate, according to sneaker news, is that it takes close to $200 on the lower side or about $500 on the upper end for the most expensive Yeezy. Dunks and Jordans are also on the higher end when it comes to pricing.

Celebrity fashion wear is a trend, as big brands scramble to get big names to promote some of their shoes. The shoes maintain a certain level of quality that gives them that premium feel. The celebrity tag that goes along with the shoe brand gives the creators the flexibility to set premium prices. For an average Joe, the high price might be a turnoff, but mystery boxes can lower the prices by a lot.

Dunks, Yeezy, and Jordan sneakers are easy on the eye. They can complete a fashion statement when bought in a variety in HypeDrop, a mystery box website.

Why Does It Make Sense For Celebrities To Endorse Sneakers?

Celebrities have a compelling voice in society. The eCommerce space has witnessed their impact, as products such as sneakers become highly anticipated, although they cost more than ordinary shoes of similar quality.

Celebrity and influencer marketing have become big thanks to social media. The attention commanded by Kanye West, Dr. Dre, and many top artists are unequaled in the social spaces.

Beats Electronics, which Dre had a lot of hand in the creation and management, highlighted to the world the power of celebrity-endorsed products. The company sold to Apple for about $3 billion, which is among the highest in the hip-pop industry.

People pay attention to celebrities, from what they say to what they wear. It makes sense for companies to leverage this to increase their revenues. Celebrities get their fair share of the revenues generated by the products they help sell. The symbiotic relationship drives Yeezy and Dunks.

Young people keen on trending fashion will always look for the next biggest shoes or shirts. Celebrities with their significant followers who might have a fashion block create a way out with the shoe or products celebrities post on their social media.

Concisely, celebrities expose the brand more and legitimize it so that people can spend that extra coin.

What Is Mysterious About Having A Sneaker Mystery Box?

Plenty of celebrities in the entertainment scene collaborate with shoe companies; a mystery box exposes different varieties.

Celebrity-endorsed brands like the Yeezy; Jordan, and Dunk are fashion testaments. However, they cost a lot for a piece. Having one or two different types is even more expensive because the more popular a celebrity is, the greater the cost of whatever they endorse.

Yeezy’s sneakers do not come cheap; coupling them with dunks makes it even impossible to buy for plenty of young people. While the economics of mystery boxes can help solve the dilemma, it is not always that the box is the best route.

How Do Shoe Mystery Boxes Work?

As it stands, and following the model of many mystery box offers, they are more like a lottery ticket. On a good day, a customer can get merchandise worth more than what the box costs. However, when things do not work out, people choosing mystery boxes could pay many times more than the original value.

However, some manufacturers protect the consumer by giving them a guarantee, which sets the total price of the mystery box with the respective retail prices. The guarantees mean that whenever people buy a mystery box in a shoe store running an offer, there is a likelihood of owning Yeezy or pairs of dunks for a lower price.

Are Sneaker Mystery Boxes Worth the Hype

Mystery boxes help break the mundane by creating something beyond the norm. Instead of a boring endeavor to buy sneakers off the shelf, as usual, choosing several mystery products adds fun to gift-giving. Offers run by stores on mystery boxes also cut the amount charged on expensive sneakers. On a lucky day, a mystery box can have the latest Yeezy sneakers or dunks.

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