Jason Vukovich Attacked pedophiles and regrets his Actions


Jason Vukovich is looking at up to 25 years in prison and says victims of abuse like himself never turn to violence. An Alaska resident tracked down and attacked three sex offenders.
He presented himself as an avenging angel. He has regrets of taking justice into his own hands and turning to violence.

Jason faced prison for 25 years after agreeing to plead guilty. He attempted assault and consolidated the first-degree robbery stemming from his June 2016. Jason Vukovich mailed the five-page letter to Anchorage in November and warned the others not to follow his bad example.

Moreover, he also advised that if you have already lost your youth because of a child abuser, you should not throw away your present and future by committing acts of violence.
Vukovich added that there is no place for vigilante justice in an ordered society.

Prosecutors have agreed to drop more than a dozen charges against Jason. He sentenced his schedule for Wednesday and postponed it to allow his defense attorney much time for preparation.

jason vukovich

He accused of striking sec offender Wesley Demarest with the hammer and leaving him a traumatic brain injury.

jason vukovich

jason vukovich

Jason is charged with attacking Charles Leamon and Andres E Barbosa before stealing the stuff from their homes. According to police Jason claimed his stepfather sexually abused him and used the sex offender registry to find three molesters going to their homes and beating them.

In these brutal attacks, Wesley Demarest suffered a traumatic brain injury. Due to this, his speech was affected, and Jason struck the hammer in his head.

According to legal investigations, Vukovich broke their homes and beat them with fists or hammers. After Demarest was attacked, he was arrested on June 29, and officers say he had a notebook in which more names were mentioned.

Demarest said that the attack cost him his job and destroyed his life. Moreover, he said he would prefer to fractured his skill. Previously Vukovich has been convicted of fraud, theft, possession of a controlled substance, and assault. He was released from jail on 24th June 2016 and same day, attacked Albee.

That morning he knocked on Albee’s door and pushing him inside his home, and ordering him to sit on the bed. He also repeatedly slapped Albee’s face. Albee said he was carrying a notepad with the other names. After two days, he arrived at the home at around 4 am alongside two women and knocked at the door again.

His name was Barbosa, who threatened him with a hammer and forcing his way inside the house. He allegedly sat Barbosa down in a chair and punched him on face many times. Moreover, he said he was there to collect what Barbosa owed. One woman filmed the attack on her cellphone, and another woman is accused of stealing several items from his apartment.

In the final attack, Demarest heard someone break into the home and shared with another man at around 1 am. He made his way inside the property and ordered Demarest to get down on his knees and lie down on the bed. Demarest refused and hit him over the head with a hammer. Demarest said, “ he told me to lay down on the bed, and I said no, and he said get on your knees again. I said no.”
jason vukovich

Jason Vukovich said he had been physically and sexually abused by his adoptive father. Also, he said I am an avenging angel and going to met our justice for the people you met, our justice for the people your hurt.

Demarest called the police, and police arrested Jason with a hammer, stolen possessions, and a notebook with the names of Demarest, Barbosa, and Albee.

He said after being sexually and physically abused by a predator, my life was forever changed even though I gave up on my own existence. I have a liar and thief and a liar who always make many poor choices throughout my life.

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