Instagram model Veronika Rocheva Apologises after Racy Snap Near Chernobyl


Veronika Rocheva, an Instagram model, has apologized for posting half-naked pictures. The model is 23 years old, and she lied in suggesting that her racy pictures were shot in Pripyat. It is a ghost city in the doomed power station’s 19-mile exclusion area.

Her photos were taken 2146 miles away at a disused canteen in Siberia. Moreover, she also said that she never wants to hurt or insult people. She confessed that she put on the Instagram tag because the location reminded her of the abandoned town.

A picture was taken in which Veronika Rocheva posed in half-naked wearing, just an unzipped suit and g-string attracted particular attention.

veronika rocheva

The model received criticism all around the world over the shoot. She was also tagged as being close to the explosion site that took place in Ukraine in what was the Soviet Union. In another picture, she was seen in a gas mask in what appeared to reference the deadly radiation around the nuclear plant.


veronika rocheva

Veronika explained that she did not want to hurt or insult someone with these pictures. Also, she said that I don’ know why we decided to put this geotag. It was all filmed at the Novosibirsk location and looked in a similar way to Pripyat and tagged the location as ‘Pripyat.”’

Veronika did not expect the negative reactions and consequences. Furthermore, Veronika said I was doing a vlog about the environment when I got inspired by the HBO Chernobyl series.’

She apologized and said we never want to hurt the people, and it all went through such as horrendous tragedy. We really respect the story of Chernobyl.
However, the scandal has more than trebled follower count around 13000.

veronika rocheva

veronika rocheva

veronika rocheva

The model climbs out from an empty, abandoned swimming pool in the exclusion zone in another picture. It became so frequent, and Craig Mazin, a writer, and producer, took to his Twitter to tell people to be respectful.

He said in a tweet,” ‘It’s wonderful that #ChernobylHBO has inspired a wave of tourism to the Zone of Exclusion,’ ‘But yes, I’ve seen the photos going around. Tourism agencies claim that they have seen 30-40 % of the tours they have been given in the area.

veronika rocheva

Due to the HBO series, the tourism agencies got benefits. Almost 30-40 % increase in the tours that they have given to the exclusion zone. Pripyat became a ghost town on April 26, 1986, when an unexpected power caused explosions.

They released radiation into the atmosphere, and these were 400 times more extreme than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. It was equal to 500 nuclear bombs, and more than 100,000 people had to flee their homes.

The death rate from the explosion is widely disputed as 4000 according to United Nations. But more than 350,000 people were not evacuated from the surrounding areas for 36 hours after the initial explosion. More than five million live in radiated land around the area.

What is the Chernobyl Exclusive Zone?

In the Soviet Union town of Pripyat, an explosion at the Chernobyl power plant leaked radioactive material into the environment in 1986. The explosion was caused in one of the nuclear reactors, and the surrounding area was evacuated.

On the other side, 116,000 people were more evacuated from this exclusion zone around the plant with villages and towns. However, the radiation level is still high for humans to return, wildlife has moved back into the 1600 square mile Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

veronika rocheva

The radiation level is too high for humans to return; animals like wolves have moved back into the area for flourishing. Some people argue that this area should be given to the animals so that they can create a radioactive protected wildlife reserve.

The animals and plants around Chernobyl are providing clues About what the world would be like should humans suddenly disappear. Scientists are monitoring the health of both animals and plants in the exclusion area to see how they react to chronic radiation exposure.

Camera was set to capture a stunning arrat of local wildlife, including lynx, mouse, boars, wolves, deer, horses, and many others are included. This area is being far from a wasteland instead life is thriving there.

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