Instagram Influencer and Model Jem Wolfe Says Influencers have no respect in Perth, Australia


A curvy Instagram Model, Jem Wolfe has more than 2.7 million followers. She posted videos and photos of herself and complained that her profession is not seen as a real career in Australia.

The 28 years old Jem Woldie has more than $2million from her social media accounts. She shared the modeling shots, fitness pictures, and healthy eating tips by wearing a bikini, lingerie, and fitness bras.

She has a successful social media frame and financially strong person, but she told that Los Angeles podcast No jumper ‘ no influencers are respected’ back in the small town of Perth. Moreover, she said her home city was so behind the times, and no influencers are respected there.

jem wolfe

jem wolfe

Jam Wolfie takes more than $30,000 a day but says that the influencers profession is not considered a real career in Perth. She was a full-time chef and a competitive basketballer when her second career started to take off.

Moreover, Jem Said, “If I’m ever in the headline, the comments section is wild— it’s like, we are embarrassed to have you.” The host, Adam Grandmaison, said Insta models were treated “ gold in Los Angeles,” and the influencers were a respected career there.

Jem Wolfie replied it’s not a real career where I’m from, believe me. However, that’s Ok because I don’t need validation from anyone for what I do.

Moreover, she said Melbourne and Sydney are home to more influencers who had built full-time careers out of social media. She never wanted to leave her family and rescue dogs behind the Perth.

jem wolfe

jem wolfe

jem wolfe

She is one of the biggest stars on Only forms. At this platform, 10,000 followers pay 415 a month for access to her content, in which nudity is not included.

Wolfie is a full-time chef and competitive West Australia Basketball league player before the social media career. Well, She discovered the potential of social media while nursing an injury, posting videos of rehabilitation at the gym.

She sells ebooks, merchandise, and recipes online. Well, from Only Fans, she made $30,000 a day income from the service.

jem wolfe

She also admitted that social media fame comes with its downside. Also, she said that she faces daily abuse on Instagram. Wolfie said it’s the worst part that to wake every day and to see comments and messages that are horrible.

Some days can be draining when people called you fat. You feel exhausted when you face negativity constantly.

jem wolfe

Jem Wolfie won scholarships from brands in which Kanye West’s recording label. She discovered her knack for social media when sports injury derailed her career. Jem posted the videos of rehabilitation at the gym.

She told Perth Now, “there are a lot of squats, and I know what my audience wants to see. You can never skip leg day. Her basketball tricks and healthy recipes are very famous that helped her fans a legion among followers.


Who is this Jem ?
Jem Wolfie is a model, chef, athlete, and Instagram star. Her Instagram account is very well known.

What’s her age?
Since she was born on August 7, 1991, she will be 31 years old in 2022.

What is Wolfie’s height?
in centimeters, it’s 170 cm; in meters, it’s 1.70 m; in feet, it’s 5 feet 7 inches.

Who does she date?
Most likely, she is single right now.

What is Jem’s total worth?
She is worth about $600,000 all by herself.

Who lives in Jem’s house?
Australia is where she lives.

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