How to turn up your sex life with sex toys


Sex toys are often used for masturbation. However, it is just as important to use sex toys in a relationship. It cannot only increase your sex life, but it can also be used as a way to find more satisfaction. Toys are a great way to get more satisfaction and increase the pleasure and intimacy between you and your partner.  Do you find it hard to introduce sex toys? We have collected a few tips to make this easier for you both. We also created a guide to decide which one you should try.

How to introduce sex toys in the bedroom

Do you want to spice up your sex life? Then introducing sex toys is a great idea. Bringing this up to your partner can be a little bit difficult. After all, you don’t want to stand the risk bruising someone’s ego. When we think about sex toys, most of us are really shy.

We advise you to put your shame aside and just bring it up. Introducing sex toys in the bedroom has nothing to do with boredom. Is doesn’t mean that you are not satisfied. It means you are ready for something new. Something excited. Something to spice up your sex life. Not only for your one pleasurment, but also to pleasure your partner. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So, if you’re interested in bringing sex toys, such as a glass dildo in the bedroom, you should just say it. The chances are that your partner is really into it. And there goes the awkwardness!

Which sex toy should I buy?

Each type of sex toy can be used for a different purpose. However, they are all used to help increase pleasure in the bedroom. But which sex toy is the right choice for you and your partner? Here’s a helpful guide to help you make a decision. You can find here clit sucking vibrator.


 A lot of women are hesitated to bring up a dildo in the bedroom. You might be scared about bruising your partner’s ego. Don’t be! An old-fashioned dildo can spice up the heat in the bedroom big times. It gives you the opportunity to satisfy your partner in different ways, while you lay the hand on yourself. It can also be used to increase the pleasure when having anal sex.

Double dildo’s are great toys for lesbian couples. It allows shared penetration without all the awkwardness of a strap-on. And what is also great about it… there are no penises involved!

Remote-Control Vibrator

 When you are in a long-term relationship, it can be hard to spice up things in the bedroom. It can become a little bit dull. Sex toys are great to prevent this to happen. With a remote-control vibrator you can enjoy pleasurment inside and outside the bedroom! Your partner can be in total control of your pleasurment. He or she can stimulate the G-spot and clitoris at distant, making for an amazing sex experience. It can be used in all kind of different situations. On a date, during couple sex or even at times when your much further apart. The sky is the limit.

There’s absolutely no shame whatsoever in using sex toys. In fact, it can only cause more satisfaction and fun in the bedroom!

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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