How to Mix Up Your Wardrobe to Unlock Your Style Potential?

How to diversify or mix up your wardrobe? Before buying a new one, it is important to deal with the old one. Each new season, the current wardrobe requires revision and rethinking. So, let’s get started!

7 sure ways that will help you take a fresh look at your style and find fresh combinations for familiar things.

Get rid of things that you haven’t worn for more than two years

If you have not thought about sweaters or trousers for several relevant seasons in a row, this item is unlikely to be useful to you in the near future. Most of all, this rule applies to practical things every day.

Let the exception be vintage clothes dear to the heart or valuable purchases for special occasions, it is better to get rid of everything else. Thus, you will free up space not only in your closet but also in your head. Make sure you watch redhead actresses or other blondies, black or other ones to realize your style potential.

Besides, there are always people who need these things more than you. Arranging a sale among friends, displaying clothes on a website, or simply taking packages to a thrift store is a useful activity for both karma and mood.

Give up black for a while

If you love black and gray more than other colors, this is for you. You don’t have to completely eliminate the most basic colors from your wardrobe, just try to take a break from them. For the desired effect, a week or even 5 days is enough.

If it is difficult, and you feel that you can’t do without “black”, dilute the set with fresh bright colors. Make it at least not so typical.

Make a Wishlist

You probably have pages that you follow on Instagram or just on the internet. Take screenshots of the most necessary things or write down a list of desired purchases for the season. This will greatly facilitate the task on the eve of the long-awaited shopping. These days bold ic! Berlin 2022 glasses is on everyone’s Wishlist due to its amazing features.

Get inspired by street-style heroes and celebrities whose images seem successful and interesting to you. Peep and repeat stylish ideas. It develops your taste and makes fashion horizons wider!

Add some trendy shades to your basic wardrobe

The basic wardrobe faithfully serves us every day. Don’t let it get boring. If you have already decided on the style of practical things, experiment with color.

This will help the list of the most relevant shades of the season. Let, for example, the new blouse be not white or beige, but mustard. Or any other trendy color that suits you.

Suits and coats of spectacular muted shades will also come in handy. Over time, you will find that wearing them is just as easy, and your looks become much more noticeable.

Work with accessories

Bet on accessories. A bright scarf, bag, headdress, or gloves can also diversify the usual set. Many of these things are not the most expensive and may well become a spontaneous purchase.

Take Style advice from outside

Invite a friend to visit or use the advice of your eldest daughter. Ask one of them to put together some stylish fashion sets for you. Surprise, but what they offer will certainly be different from your style of mixing the same things.

Be attentive to the emotions that you experience in new images. Analyze what you like and what you would like to add or change.

Play the same kit differently

Choose the most familiar pair: jeans and a shirt, dress pants and a sweater, a pencil skirt, and a blouse. Try to make this duo versatile with accessories and other items. Turn it from daytime to evening, from elegant to casual, from casual to elegant.

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