How to Learn to Play World of Warcraft in 2021 – A Guide for Those Who Want to Become King of PvE


This year one of the most massive online role-playing games turns 17. Throughout its history, the creators have constantly added a lot of innovations that are not so easy to delve into if you just want to start exploring World of Warcraft.

In this article, we will tell you about all the main resources where you can find information on how to start the game, which will be useful for a beginner to learn.

Game time

You can only become a cool player if you are ready to devote most of your free time to the game as you progress through different stages. You will be able to develop skills, get acquainted with the secret aspects and delve deeper into this game world.

If you are ready to fully immerse yourself in this idea, then the first thing you need to think about is what role you want to play and what class you want to choose for your character. This aspect should be given special attention, because if you do it at random, then soon you will simply lose interest in the process. You must initially adjust the gameplay to your preferences so that you are interested in the development and leveling up your character.


To fully understand the role of your character, you need to study the detailed guides about the selected class. The game developers constantly release updates and you need to sort out the details on time. For instance, there will be an update next month that refers to the opening of the mage tower, which will allow more complex pieces of training for the characters, for which you will need to buy a mage tower boost.

In such recommendations, you can find information both for the standard version of the game and for the current ones.

Rely on guides only to get the basic idea behind the game. Often a company produces innovations that you will need to understand by yourself. Moreover, do not rely on the numerous players’ advice on the forums, because their opinion is not the absolute truth.

Be sure to look through different sources to check the accuracy of the stated position, as such guides are written by ordinary players, who also may change their opinion on different issues. You can rely on opinion leaders who are in the same class as you. Thanks to their advice, you can learn about which talents to choose and what ammunition to buy for your character.

Discord Channels

If you want more up-to-date information, then you can find your specific channels on Discord. On the Internet, you can find lists of communities and contact them if you are faced with a specific problem. It is also important to understand that such communities are divided into the classic version of the game and the more current versions.

New guides on gaming websites don’t come out as quickly as they do on Discord. With the help of such channels, you can find out all the useful information about what equipment you should choose, what skills you should develop in the first place and understand the features of your chosen class. Here you can consult online with other more experienced characters and you will find a lot of responses to your request if you have not found the information you are interested in.

In addition to the basic characteristics, the channels will share detailed characteristics that your character may need.

Warcraft Logs

Due to this resource, you have the opportunity to structure in detail the conduct of your battles during the game. By uploading information there, you get the opportunity to analyze the battles with bosses and other creatures in dungeons and raids. On this website, you will also be able to follow the most progressive teams and players. You will view information about the records that have been achieved among other players in your class.

Warcraft Logs allows you to analyze your characteristics. You just need to write your nickname into the search bar and all your indicators will be displayed in front of you. If the lines are gray, then it means that this indicator should be improved.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to compare your character with other players. You will be able to understand what spells and actions the selected player uses when passing certain bosses or raids. You can also view his combat tactics: how to inflict damage more efficiently, how to survive or recover.

Experience of other players

The best way to improve your character is to watch the streaming videos of other players. In such videos, you can using the player’s example, see what skills he has developed and what tactics he chooses. Pay attention to abilities that provide strong offensive or defensive buffs.

You can find these videos on YouTube, Twitch, Discord, or By choosing the latter option, you will be able to find videos of players from the same class, specialization and rating. Try to choose the videos of experienced players, thanks to which you will learn a lot of new useful information.

Practicing theory

After reading the guides and watching the player videos, you can start mastering World of Warcraft. As in life, it is important to understand that theory is one thing, but practice is quite another. Be prepared that you need patience before becoming a good player.

By accumulating your knowledge from the above sources, you will be able to quickly navigate what is happening and the achievement of high performance and results will not be long in coming. Based on your experience and as your skills improve, you will be able to complete more challenging PvE missions.


Before you start delving into World of Warcraft, it is worth preparing for the fact that achieving high performance will take a lot of your time. To thoroughly prepare for the launch of this online role-playing game, you should read guides, search for thematic channels in Discord, watch the streaming videos of experienced gamers on YouTube, Twitch or Discord. By understanding the details, you can create a character that you want to develop further. You will be able to constantly improve your skills by analyzing in detail the battles and raids held.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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