How To Get into Anime


The term anime is an acronym for the word animation, which is pronounced “ah-knee-may.” This term is used in Japan to refer to all forms of animation. Outside of Japan, however, it has become a catch-all phrase for Japanese animation.

For decades, anime was a Japanese product with a unique look and feel to not only the artwork but also to the storyline, ideas, and concepts.

It has grown into an international phenomenon over the previous few years, attracting millions of admirers and being translated into a variety of different languages. It has influenced an entire generation of Western audiences, who are now cruising it on to their future youngsters.

Anime may be serious and mature, or it can be childish and cartoonish. Everyone will find something to their liking.

Many popular anime programs began as Manga or the “Japanese equivalent” of comic books.

Anime, like any other media, is incredibly diverse. Some of it appears hyper-realistic, while others are cartoonish and outlandish, with talking Pandas and individuals with enormous eyes. It’s all in good humour.

What Makes Anime So Special?

In two words, most anime enthusiasts can sum it up: “It’s different.” Anime is as distinct from most American cartoons as “Batman” and “Spider-Man” are from everyday newspaper comics.

These variations may be seen in a variety of ways, including the artwork, storyline, and even the cultural distinctions displayed by the characters.

The flashy and extravagant in series like “Samurai Champloo” and “FLCL” to the basic and straightforward in shows like “Azumanga Daioh!” Anime art styles span from the flamboyant and outlandish to the simple and straightforward.

Even exhibitions with “simple” artwork, on the other hand, maybe aesthetically stunning. Anime has the ability to make everything appear new and exciting.

What’s most remarkable is how the anime’s influence is overturning. Some contemporary American cartoon productions, such as “Avatar:

The Last Airbender,” explicitly acknowledges anime’s influence, while live-action English-language adaptations of anime titles are becoming increasingly common.

Watching anime, on the other hand, was problematic because most of it was only accessible through geo-restricted streaming services like Crunchyroll.

In other words, your chances of watching some of the most popular anime are minimal if you are not in the United States or Japan.

However, finding anime on the internet is no longer as tough as it once was. This is due to the fact that anime is now popular all over the world, with thousands of people searching for anime material on the internet every day. As a result, torrenting services have

grown in popularity for downloading them, and specialist P2P websites such as 1337X have gained traction, allowing users to view the Anime series as soon as they are released online.

Reasons To Watch Anime

  • It’s fascinating –

The most fundamental of all the reasons, but possibly the most significant, is that anime is a lot of fun! It’s all about fast-paced, fascinating, and thought-provoking tales that are kept moving by high-octane action scenes and enough drama to hold anyone’s attention.

  • Anime is relatable –

Not the plots exactly, but just because something is animated doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being realistic or relatable. The majority of anime series/movies will have significant moral concepts based on real-life scenarios. Decision-making, the ability to overcome loss, and the value of familial bonds are all emphasized essentially in every anime you see.

  • The characters are fascinating and distinctive –

Characters in anime are incredibly visually appealing and diverse. Individuals in anime have complex personalities, they’re entire people (even when they aren’t human), they have aspirations and objectives, and there’s just a lot of variety in who they are. Eternals, investigators, ghouls, pirates, villains, young students, office employees… The options are endless, and there is no limit to what or who a character may be.

  • Characters have weaknesses and possibly die at the conclusion of the story –

Plot armour does not protect anime characters. Even the most important character in the storey is susceptible to death and defects. In anime, perfect characters don’t exist, and if they do, it’s generally to establish a plot point.

  • The Possibilities Are Limitless –

What’s the most bizarre narrative you can come up with?  For example, Is there a school for obsessive gamblers? Is there a universe in which humans coexist alongside a variety of mythological creatures?   The adventures of a man who eats a mystical fruit and aspires to be the Pirate King? For any scenario, there’s almost certainly an anime. It’s incredibly amazing that there are no limits to the number of planets or characters that may exist.

Final Thoughts

So now that you know why you should watch anime, start by mentally committing to it, learning about the various genres, compiling a list of suitable anime, and watching anime of all durations. And once you start watching it, you’ll be enthralled by your decision to enter the anime world.

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