How To Fight With Depression: The Most Effective Ways To Eliminate Depression?

All of you may know that depression is a state of mind typically marked by great sadness. It is the emotional feelings of guilt and worthlessness like a departure from others and appetite, loss of sleep, and interest, and pleasure in usual activities.

If you are not feeling any kind of emotional disorder as mentioned above then you probably have a conversion disorder and not depression.

Now, if you think you’re depressed then I’d like to suggest some tips. I’ve not exactly been in depression or felt deeply depressed but I had a phase, so I’ll tell you all that you have to do, to get out of it.

It’s true that we all been struggling with sadness, depression and for a period even suicidal thoughts for a long time. When you are almost 24, you will feel like you finally are in control of your emotions and in a position to kick depressions but here, I will tell you some of the things that you do to stay emotionally stable.

First of all, you have to make up your mind to get “out” of it. You know some people do not want to be saved. So to get out of it, you’ve to convince yourself that you can and will do it and follow the followings:

You Are The Most Important Person In Your Life

You have to put yourself first if you feel emotionally drained! No, you are not selfish and yes, you do care for your friends but sometimes you don’t have the capacity to be everyone’s mom and therapist and that’s okay! If you are honest about not having the strength to listen to handle someone’s problems at that moment, real friends will understand!

Cut Out Toxic People

It is one of the hardest things to do but to feel free and happy you have to reduce your interactions with the people who make you feel unworthy and really bad about yourself.

Especially if that person is a relative or significant other it hurts so badly in the beginning but it will be worth it in the end.

Your Physical And Mental Health Go Hand In Hand

I know it is not easy to eat healthily and get movement if you don’t even have the energy to get out of bed. That’s why taking small steps helps a lot. Maybe start out your day with a glass of water and do a few stretches in bed.

Try to really focus on getting in enough vitamins through fruits and veggies, I used to eat like shit and I did not believe how much better and more energized I feel since I started eating more fruits.

Make Time To Do The Things You Love

Doing something you love to do or trying out something you’re interested in, really helps feeling better. When you have a lot of stress just take half an hour out of your day and invest your time in doing what you want to do. If you’re lacking energy or motivation try reading in bed or doing something you don’t have to leave your room for, like drawing, yoga, or singing. Even little things like listening to music from your favorite artist or reading some good fan fiction can make you feel better.

Get Ready For Your Day

I know while feeling depressed it’s so easy to just stay in your home but actually putting in a little touch of effort makes you feel instantly more put together and rewarded.

Put on your favorite clothes even you might not feel like it.

If you liked putting on makeup before your depression put on some gloss and mascara, it’s the little things that could. Fake it till you make it!

Surround Yourself with People That Make You Feel Good

Spend time with people you have an easy relationship without complications. Really try not to cut yourself off. If you aren’t able to spend time with more than one person, that’s okay too! Ask a friend if they want to hang out, watch a movie maybe talk, I’m sure you’ll find someone who can help you get out of your hole.

If you really feel like you have nobody maybe text someone online and make a friend there! A lot of people are searching for online friends.

Focus On One Thing At Once and Take Small Steps

If you are stressed out, focus only on the thing you are doing right now. Stressing out doesn’t make your tasks, school, or university easier! Finish what you are working on and handle what comes afterward when it’s time for that. That way it gets way easier to get through hard days and weeks.

Also, all of these things take a lot of time and patience. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking steps that are too big for your mental state.


Meditation helps in feeling relaxed and it introduces you to inner peace. When you concentrate on your breath and only your breath, you block all the negative feelings gushing inside you.

Get A Job

It means that you have to involve in some work/class, etc. When you’re idle, you let those thoughts get in, but when you’re busy, you don’t get time to think about negative stuff. Moreover, at night when everything is quiet, you still block it successfully because by the time you get home from all of your classes/work or whatever. When you’ll be tired and fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed. So doing some physical activity like outdoor games or something like that will help you fall asleep quickly.


When you sleep at early timings then you can wake up early in the morning. And when you wake up early, never forget to exercise. When you exercise you stay physically fit. And sometimes, especially girls get depressed due to fatness. They’re always conscious about their bodies.

Now we all say we should love our body be matter what and all but its bullshit! You should not care about what people say about your body but if “YOU” don’t like your body, then make it better. Exercise every day!

Reading Books

Engage yourself in reading. Try reading loads and loads of books. Amazing books. All the classics! If you’re a beginner, then start slowly, decent books, easy to read books. But read.

Face Your Demons

You know, we get depressed because sometimes, we’re too afraid to face our problems. Try solving them. Amend relationships with people starting with parents, friends, etc. Involve in their life more. Try having a conversation or at least sit with them. Let them talk, listen, and point out your opinions, your experiences, etc.


If all these don’t help, then seek someone, a psychiatrist probably. And there are people who think, only people who’re crazy seek therapists, no they go mental hospital! People with mental disorders like depression, conversion disorder, anxiety disorder, etc. seek therapists (psychiatrists/psychologists). So do not be afraid to seek someone.

If you’re in depression due to bad breakup, then, first of all, delete your ex’s number and anything related to them. Block and delete. Do not keep anything that will remind you of them and in turn help those negative feelings rush inside your mind. And then try all those above mentioned.

But do not lose faith. Because there is still a chance for you to meet a better and more beautiful/handsome person.

I hope you will get better. Whatever situation does not take any extreme step because “you matter” and you’ve survived this far even though all of the hardships you faced. It takes a strong person for that and you’re a strong person, a survivor indeed!

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