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Building a solid and unique brand is becoming increasingly difficult. Recently, you can see at what speed and with what enormity we are getting new companies. The same goes for attracting customers and keeping them with our brand, so they don’t leave for the competition. By conducting brand research, we can quickly verify the loyalty of our audience. to better develop yourselves use a blockchain design agency.

Brand Research

Aims of marketing research

The primary purpose of marketing research is to collect data. This analyzes the activities of competitors, examines prices, and checks consumer opinions. Companies decide on marketing research to be able to properly prepare for conducting advertising campaigns. From the broad perspective of a financial plan of several years, the conclusions contained in an excellent report of such marketing research allow you to prepare for the actions planned by competitors. To know exactly what strategy to take.

What motives can customers have when building loyalty with a brand?

A common factor that builds a consumer’s positive attitude towards a company is their first positive impression of it, as well as feeling a bond with it and wanting to belong to it.

One can distinguish such motives as:

  • Relationship with the company – identifying with the company, the customer’s feeling of being an important customer for the company,
  • Social activity – the desire to stand out, to be noticed among others,
  • Benefit evaluation – the desire to buy with the highest values, at the best price,
  • External compulsion – the feeling of compulsion caused by legal or market conditions.

How can we build loyalty among customers?

We should start by asking what we can offer the customer. What is our mission, and what do we want to convey?

Often the consumer expects more than the product or service itself, so it’s worth putting yourself in their shoes and seeing if you are satisfied in every aspect. Consider whether the communication between the company and the customer is going well.

It is also important to lean into the emotional aspect of our audience. Consider whether the customer can feel a bond and identification with our brand.

What benefits can this bring to our brand?

  • Ease in maintaining a consistent audience,
  • Reducing costs and time spent looking for new customers,
  • Strengthening one’s position among competitors,
  • The ability to raise prices or introduce new products/services to the assortment without fear of losing customers,
  • Positive feedback from loyal customers.

How do you conduct brand research about customer loyalty?

The following brand research can be distinguished:

  • Quantitative – conducted on large samples, they show the scale and scope of phenomena,

We can conduct them through: survey methods, face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, mail surveys, press surveys,

  • Qualitative – conducted on small samples selected purposefully, regarding their relationship to the product or service under study.

We can conduct them through group interviews or in-depth individual interviews.

Customer loyalty is what companies should value among their customers. Building it is not an easy process. It requires much commitment and time, although it is not impossible. By managing your business consciously and constantly and monitoring it through brand research, we can effectively gain regular customers who stay with us for the long term.

An in-depth brand audit is the beginning of significant changes.

For a brand to enjoy a strong market position and success, it must find basic information about its potential audience. This is primarily to understand their needs, desires, and preferences. A brand audit always precedes all conceptual activities and the subsequent design process. At this stage, we support our clients with a solid analysis of the current perception of the brand, target groups, and competitors.

Disadvantages and advantages of marketing research

An unquestionable advantage of professional marketing research is a detailed report and conclusions with proposals for actions to achieve the objectives of the principal of such research. Thanks to them, for example, it is possible to precisely define the strategy of an advertising campaign. What is consumer research? From a sales perspective, it is an attempt to find answers to questions about the behavior of potential customers. However, it should be remembered that any survey, regardless of the assumptions made, the most reliable group of respondents, and the professionalism of the interviewers, is fraught with

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