How to choose the right glasses for different environments and occasions

Is it time for eye examination and new hipster glasses? A spectacle subscription is both flexible and cost-effective – but above all it is perfect for all those who need to adapt the glasses to different purposes. Here are some smart tips to keep in mind when updating your eyeglass wardrobe. Most people over the age of 40-45 need more than a pair of glasses to look good in different environments.

Many people are unaware that they need several pairs of glasses to be able to see well in different environments and situations. A pair for long-sightedness, another pair to be able to see up close, and a pair of sunglasses with strength that protects the eyes from the sun. Or – it may be as simple as you enjoy varying yourself and choosing frames according to different styles. Either way, a glasses subscription becomes a flexible and affordable option. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when it comes to acquiring new glasses.

Consult the optician

First of all, you should book an eye examination with a licensed optician to examine the vision defect and find out what you need for vision correction. If you belong to one of those that are either oversighted or nearsighted, a pair of single-edged glasses that are ground in one and the same strength over the entire glass may fit. Most people over the age of 40-45 usually need a pair of progressive glasses that provide sharpness at both near and long distances as they are sharpened with different strengths over the lens. With the help of the optician, you can together arrive at what will be best for you.

The right glasses for the right occasion

By adapting your glasses for the right environment and opportunity, you get a much better vision experience and can see life from a sharper perspective. There is, for example, a glass that is specifically adapted for driving, another glass that is ultimate for you who work a lot in front of the screen, reading glasses to see well up close, sunglasses in your strength for outdoor activities – the list can be made long. There are many different variations and options to create the perfect glasses according to your needs.

Variety pleases

A pair of glasses is not only an aid to be able to see better – it is also an important accessory that you should feel comfortable and stylish in. With several pairs of frames, you can vary according to today’s style and feeling. With several pairs of frames, you can vary and adjust the glasses according to style and feeling.

Find out what will be the most flexible solution

Many people with visual impairment need more than a pair of glasses to meet all needs. If you are younger, you may be one of those who can manage, for example, in a pair of single-edged glasses – but who also want a pair of sunglasses with strength. A flexible solution for several pairs of glasses can be a subscription, where you pay a fixed low monthly fee instead of spending a larger amount at one and the same time, while you get the security with regular eye examinations and insurance for the glasses.

Do not forget the insurance

It is important that the glasses are insured, so that you do not have to pay expensive money for a new pair if something happens. Often the deductible in a home insurance is significantly more expensive than if you take out insurance in connection with the purchase of glasses or when you take out a spectacle subscription. For a fixed, low monthly cost, you choose how many and which pair of glasses should be included in the subscription. The monthly cost is based on the choice of glass, frame, options and the number of glasses.

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