How to Choose Cannabis Seeds for Laughing Effect?


Probably everyone knows the fact that hemp cheers you up and can make you laugh even without a reason. Some varieties of marijuana are capable of causing uncontrollable laughter, resulting from observing even the most ordinary situation. If you also start telling funny stories, this will certainly lead to a real tantrum. There are varieties of cannabis that we want to introduce to you in our article. All of them are designed for unbridled fun.

Which Cannabis Makes Us Laugh More?

Cannabis has a unique ability to make the most boring day more fun. What used to cause just a smile will seem very funny. It is for this that many marijuana lovers appreciate it.

When choosing a variety, it is better to find the best cannabis seeds at a discount and check price to understand what effect you want to get. Marijuana lovers know that not all varieties improve mood and cause laughter. Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrids are considered the most fun strains. What gives a high effect:

  • the euphoric effect, positive thinking;
  • the surge of energy, motivation for vigorous activity;
  • the desire for socialization;
  • creativity;
  • relief from tension and stress.

Hybrids can also make people laugh, but in mixed varieties, one effect is replaced by another. The uplift will be combined with relaxation. It depends on the ratio of Sativa and Indica.

It can be difficult for a beginner to decide on the choice of variety to obtain the desired effect. We have made this task easier – below are the funniest, in our opinion, varieties of marijuana from different seed banks from around the world!

Girl Scout Cookies

The FastBuds cannabis variety is capable of bringing unbridled fun and laughter to every grower. It is ideal for noisy parties, as well as a fun time with friends. The THC content in the inflorescences is 22%, so beginner gardeners should be careful. The variety is famous for its unique flavoring qualities, which are a confectionery mix of caramel, cookies, and sweets. Its journey from seed to harvest lasts only 56-63 days.

Fast 2 Vast

This strain of marijuana from Heavyweight Seeds will please with a powerfully uplifting high that will fix a smile on the face from ear to ear for a long period. It will make everyone who dares to try it laugh because the level of THC in its buds reaches 18-20%. The hybrid is very fond of commercial growers. It takes only 56 days to go from seed to harvest. The growth of bushes does not exceed 1 m, but at the same time, it can give the gardener from 600 to 800 g of the finished product per 1 square meter. It is also very undemanding in care. Even a novice grower can easily handle it.

Doctor’s Choice

This is a variety that can instantly relieve the grower from depression, stress, nervous tension, and fatigue. This is real medicine for the soul. The cones of the variety also have aphrodisiac properties, thanks to which they can revive feelings and give confidence in intimate matters. The plant is unpretentious and resistant to negative factors, which makes it an ideal choice for beginner gardeners. Its life cycle lasts 70-90 days.

Amherst Sour Diesel

The origin of this feminized cannabis with a fantastic fruity-oily aroma is kept secret by the HSO breeders. It is only known that Sativa dominates in its genes by a wide margin – this determines the long-term high effect of the variety. With Amherst Sour Diesel, it’s good to light up the party and have fun gatherings with friends. Euphoric and powerful, this strain is sure to please those who like to laugh.


This is a proud carrier of Californian genetics, the creation of the American seed bank FastBuds. Cannabis seeds grow into large, fluffy bushes up to 1.5 meters high. Plants are unpretentious and take root equally well both indoors and outdoors. A bright and strong high effect, due to 23% THC, will allow you to forget about problems at the same moment, relieve emotional stress and plunge into happy joyful euphoria.

Y Griega

Y Griega

This variety from the Spanish breeders from Medical Seeds is a descendant of the legendary Kali Mast and Amnesia Haze, a great find for connoisseurs of the classic high effect. Marijuana, derived from the seeds of this Sativa-dominant hybrid, is uplifting and helps fight stress. Sadness, anxiety, and depression melt away in waves of lemon flavor and 27% THC. This is one of the strongest varieties known today.

Auto New York City

Variety from the Spanish seed bank Pyramid Seeds is famous for its lethal power and multifaceted citrus flavor. The hybrid has good immunity and a short flowering period, suitable for box and outdoor growing. The ruggedness of this cannabis makes it a good choice for beginner growers. Sativa genes manifest themselves as a powerful high-impact that causes an irresistible desire to communicate and receive positive emotions.

Think Different

Bred by the Dutch seed bank Dutch Passion, this variety is ideal for connoisseurs of the enlightening effects of Sativa. 16-18% THC will provide a long-lasting euphoric effect that is accompanied by high spirits and laughter. Autoflower seeds grow into compact, low-smelling bushes that delight growers with a decent amount of resinous, dense buds by early harvest.

Many marijuana users appreciate it for the opportunity to have a lot of fun, hang out with friends, rediscover their favorite comedies and laugh at simple familiar things. Of course, not all varieties can cause laughter and give joyful euphoria. Sativa and Sativa-dominant cannabis differ in such effects, which allows you to look at the world from a different angle, making you laugh until you cry and dance until you drop.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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