How To Best Prepare For The Microsoft AZ-900 Exam?

Hey guys, this is for one who is aiming for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam and is not certain how to prepare for it then this is the right spot. Today, we are going to share complete details to help you to prepare for the AZ-900 certification exam and for more updates, you can browse around this site. Here you will also get guidance and links to books, tutorials, whitepapers and online courses.

The increase in demand by companies for cloud computing skilled engineers has made this course worthy. So if you are thinking of getting started in cloud computing, especially on Microsoft Azure then AZ-900 is probably the best way.

This is a certification programme established by Microsoft which is Azure’s new role-based certification path. This exam is aimed at people with no technical training but who wish to test their basic knowledge of Azure cloud service.

How To Prepare For Microsoft Azure Certification Fundamentals (AZ-900)

Let us see all the steps to guide you to crack Microsoft’s AZ-900 certification exam.

Requirement Of Microsoft Fundamental Azure AZ-900 Exam

AZ-900 is a relatively easy exam as compared to other Microsoft role-based exams. This does not demand any experienced cloud professionals or programming assistants.

This exam is useful for them who want to validate their basic knowledge of cloud services. All you just need is to know the buying and selling of cloud services. Basic computer knowledge would be beneficial before starting the formal preparation of the Azure-900 exam.

One can pursue a career as developer, administrator, solution architect, etc. For all these things you have to clear an exam and confirm your mastery of the Azure basics.

Basic Information Of Azure-900 Exam

Knowing basic details of this exam before formal preparation is mandatory. Microsoft has some defined policy regarding exams like Microsoft MCSA exams, role-based exams, etc. In addition, understanding cloud concepts, core Azure services, security, privacy, compliance and Azure pricing. Furthermore, to pass this exam and get certificate, you can take help of az-900 dumps 2022.

Exam Structure

Typical Azure exams have 40 to 60 questions and the offered time limit is 85 minutes.

Question format has variety as it consists of topics related to the case study, short answer, repeated answer options, a hotspot, multiple choice, review screen, built list, better answer, drag and drop, etc during the exam.

You can answer the questions as much as you can. The good thing about this exam is there is no negative marking, no penalty is given for an incorrect answer.

Registration Fee

Few is the most important aspect to check before preparing for the Azure-900 exam. Few structures vary from place to place, depending on the place you are giving the exam it changes. Like if you live in the US, the exam cost will be $99.

Passing Score

Candidates have to score 700 points to pass the AZ-900 exam. Results are displayed a few minutes after the end of the exam.

Preparation Platforms

Preparing from an experienced platform plays a very important role. Several online courses are available for preparation like Microsoft itself

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