How to Become a Better Real Estate Agent


Real Estate agents are everywhere. In fact, in some parts of the country, the real estate market is so robust that there aren’t enough homes for buyers. Over the last year and a half, we have seen life dramatically change.

The real estate market is absolutely no exception. People are entering the real estate field rapidly.

Buyers and sellers have so many agents to choose from. Couple that with so many people entering the field, how can you become a better real estate agent?

Statistics show roughly 80% of new agents fail or quit within their first year, so whether you’re new to the field or are a seasoned professional, read on for tips on how to be a better real estate agent.

Tips To Becoming a Better Real Estate Agent

We are going to look at four areas you can make changes in to become the best real estate agent you can. Successful real estate agents have a unique skillset that catapults them to the top of their industry. Consider implementing the following four tips on how to be a better real estate agent.

Build Relationships

Most realtors view their business as transactional. Help someone buy or sell a house. Get paid at closing and move on to the next client.

Yes, that is the essence of being a real estate agent. But, there is so much more long-term value in cultivating relationships with buyers and sellers. Taking the time to get to know your buyers and sellers allows you to build trust and knowledge.

When you know them and what their goals are then you can meet their real estate needs. When you know clients well, you understand their preferences and ideals. You grasp their short- and long-term goals.

You begin to recognize that one personal transaction can spiral into many more in the future. By either word-of-mouth advertising, as they become your advocate, or with more real estate transactions with them personally.

Do Your Research

Any real estate agent can list a house for sale. With online forms and processes listing homes has become even easier than in the past.

Taking the time to research the home you are listing will often be a game-changer. Research is about much more than just the home you are listing.

Research the area. What’s going on in the neighborhood, both with housing prices and in the environment. Ask yourself a few questions to help gain perspective on the sale as a whole.

Is there a community feel to the neighborhood? Is the home zoned for highly ranked schools? If not, does the district offer school choice?

What’s the real-time commute like? Does commute time change during the school year and in the summertime?

Questions like these answer daily living dilemmas. As a real estate agent, you set yourself apart from the pack if you provide information that will actively impact others’ lives.

Understand Your Client’s Perspective

Engage your client, find out not just why they are moving. Don’t be afraid to ask what they want to gain from the move itself. Seek to understand what they are looking for on a deeper level than just bedrooms and bathrooms.

The perfect house is so much more than just the four walls. It is the neighborhood atmosphere, the community vibe, the location, and the surroundings.

For some, it is the school district or shopping convenience. Whatever non-housing factors that are priorities to your buyers, should be priorities to you when helping them.

Hire Professionals To Assist

You may be the best real estate agent in your area, but you might not be that great at photography. With increasing numbers of people buying houses sight unseen, quality photos are crucial. Invest the money in paying a professional photographer that will do the property justice and highlight its strengths.

If you are dealing with a vacant property, consider investing in a professional stager. Statistics show vacant houses take longer to sell. Those same statistics also support staging can increase sales prices and decrease DOM.

There may even be a need to provide lawn maintenance until a property is sold.

Perhaps there are noticeable repairs that should be addressed before listing. Get help from professionals, whether it’s a plumber, roofer, or general contractor.

Whatever the need is, remember that your expertise is in real estate. It is well worth it to focus on being the best realtor you can be. Trusting other industry experts to do their jobs.

Professional Development

The tips provided above are how you can develop as a realtor concerning your clients. Becoming the best real estate agent needs a multifaceted approach.

So let’s look at how you can grow professionally. With our final tip, we suggested hiring a professional. People become professionals because they spend the time to be educated and trained in their industry.

Real Estate agents have talents, skills, and industry expertise that other professionals do not. Setting yourself above the competition requires hard work and dedication.

Consider a realtor coaching. A smile might come across your face as you think about a coach you had as a child. Coaches have the ability to teach, guide, and release people in whatever area they specialize in.

While the idea of professional coaching may be new to some people, it has long been available in the corporate world. Professional coaches are just that, they are professionals.

Realtor coaches are no different, they specialize in coaching you to be better at what you do. They coach you along in your professional growth.

Be The Better Real Estate Agent

Now that you know what you know, it’s time to move forward. Decide that you are willing to invest in yourself, your career, and your professional development.

So get out there and find yourself a reputable realtor coach. Why wait? A coach will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to set yourself apart from the pack.

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