How Thick Should an Anti-Fatigue Mat Be?

How Thick Should an Anti-Fatigue Mat Be?

If you are a business that requires employees to stand for long periods of time to do their jobs, then you should consider installing anti-fatigue mats at your business.

One of the biggest liabilities for companies anywhere is that they did not take the correct measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of their employees. This is why it is now so common for companies to have their own internal health and safety teams as well, to ensure that no employee is at risk of getting harmed due to performing tasks they were hired to do.

Well, imagine doing a job where you had to stand on hard surfaces all day long. It would certainly be uncomfortable and likely cause problems to the joints.

This is where the benefits of anti-fatigue mats really come in to shine.

There have been so many proven benefits of anti-fatigue mats. This ranges from allowing blood circulation to be more enhanced in staff who stand on the mats to actually being a direct factor in increased productivity!

But there are still four things you need to consider when it comes to anti-fatigue mats.

  1. The thickness of the mat

How thick an anti-fatigue mat is determined by the additional support and stability that is needed for employees that stand on it. The most common material that is used in making anti-fatigue mats is rubber, which provides a nice heavy cushion for any person to stand on. When the anti-fatigue mat is thick, it encourages the body to have more movement to find stability in a sub-conscious manner, which in turn elevates blood flow and circulation.

  1. The location of the mat

Obviously, you want the anti-fatigue mat to be placed in the most convenient location for the employees. If they work in a factory, then you can easily line the mats up to be right by any conveyor belt. If they work in a hospital, you can get sizes that suit the rooms any nurse or doctor might be standing in. The main key is that you just want to ensure the anti-fatigue mat is conveniently placed so that the employee is encouraged to stand on it.

  1. The surface the mat covers

The type of thickness of an anti-fatigue mat is also determined by the surface it is going over. Many spaces that receive a lot of foot traffic tend to see wear and tear, so the same consideration needs to be taken in regard to the level of use these mats will get during the day. But this is also great news when it comes to protecting any floors you do not want to see get scratched or beat up. Anti-fatigue mats act as an important cushion from letting the floors endure any wear or tear.

  1. The style can be personalized

Just like other mats, anti-fatigue mats can be personalized in various ways. One of the main objectives of an anti-fatigue mat is to ensure it aids in the wellbeing of a specific environment, so these mats can be made to really suit that area. But they also come in a range of colors and designs to ensure that the specific one you get is the best match for the rest of the space.

These four reasons are just the beginning of why your business should consider investing in anti-fatigue mats for your employees. You have hired your team because they have shown they are capable, hard-working, and loyal. The least you could do for them is to ensure that they have a comfortable surface to stand on as they work all day! And for your peace of mind, you will take comfort in knowing that they are less likely to suffer from any injuries as a result of your work environment.

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