How has the rise of social media benefitted online casinos?


Social media has rapidly become an integral aspect in the lives of many. Not only are we able to catch up with friends and family, the ability to connect with almost anybody globally is a phenomenon which shows no signs of slowing down. With apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit allowing users to connect with businesses and build communities of like-minded individuals, it is no surprise that the rise in social media use has greatly benefitted the online casino industry.

R/OnlineGambling is a community on the forum website Reddit consisting of over 11,000 online gamblers who regularly share their journeys with other members. The online casino industry is extremely competitive and engagement from such communities as R/OnlineGambling are a vital tool as users often share popular and exclusive promotions, welcome gifts and free spins on particular games such as one daily free spin on Paddy Power. While communities like this are useful for users, they also greatly benefit the online casino industry in the form free advertising. They build their customer base through ad campaigns and word-of-mouth from those who enjoy their services.

This sense of community is a key motif in online casinos’ transformation. With easy access via smartphones, many online casinos are evolving to include social games enabling patrons to play alongside others in the community. This involvement enhances the experience for users as it allows for the integration of both play and the vast online gambling community. A savvy move considering internet usage in the USA has increased twofold since 2018.

Social media hasn’t just enabled a sense of community amongst users, it has transformed how the user can interact with their online casino. Not only can you follow your chosen casinos on social media apps, but you can now also interact directly with them. What would have previously been a faceless business has now been given an injection of personality through the rise of social media. The constant evolution of the online casino experience enables users to seamlessly integrate their play with their social media usage and smartphone usage.

Not only are users able to communicate directly with their chosen casino, they now can place bets through instant messenger chatbots. The average American spends over seven hours a day on social media. Acknowledging the influence and power of social media, online casinos are embracing the movement and adapting their business model to suit the social media user. The instantaneous effect of players being able to place bets through instant messenger services benefits both the online casino and the player, ensuring maximum convenience for both parties.

The rise of social media is a technological phenomenon which has innovated the online casino industry, which is continually adapting to changes to ensure convenience for players. Social media has enabled a sense of community for all involved with users being able to interact with each other and their chosen casino. The online casino industry has been able to capitalize on the rise of social media while ensuring a positive experience for its users.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
Rachel has lived in Lancaster her whole life. Trish has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications including the Yahoo News and the Lancaster Post. As a journalist for The Tiger News, Cristina covers national and international developments.

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