Do You Know How Does Naruto Die?


Naruto dies during the 4th Great Ninja War when Kurama is extracted from his body. It was shocking, but not surprising—because a Jinchuruki is bound to die right after losing their tailed beast. However, this was not the only time when Naruto died. He had died twice—long before this. Didn’t you notice? 

There are three instances when Naruto dies in the classic and Shippuden series. Hard to believe? Well, it is true. He died only to come back with more power and enthusiasm. In fact—every time Naruto died, Kurama saved and empowered him. 

Let’s find out in detail when and how does Naruto dies throughout the series. 

Kabuto Kills Naruto 

Naruto accompanies Master Jiraya in his quest to find and bring Lady Tusande back to the Leaf Village. 

Coincidently, Orochimaru and Kabuto are also looking for Tusande. They seek her advanced medical ninjutsu skills because she is the only one who can fix Orochimaru’s hands. 

Do You Know How Does Naruto Die?

Things go awry when Tusande wages a fight against Orochimaru, in which Naruto, Jiraya, and Shizune help her. To their disadvantage, Kabuto (an exceptional medical ninja with the highest level of combat skills) has Orochimaru all covered. 

Tusande loses it against Kabuto because he cleverly stops the Chakra flow in her body. Naruto jumps in to save her, bravely fighting Kabuto. 

Kabuto severs Naruto’s flow of chakra from his heart in a way that not even nine-tail chakra can reach him. His heart stops beating, and even Kurama feels it fading away. Tsunade keeps crying seeing Naruto in such a condition when he suddenly opens up his eyes. Then he gets up and attacks Kabuto using his newly learned power, “Resengan”. 

Sasuke Kills Naruto 

Sasuke leaves the Leaf Village only to become more powerful with the help of Orochimaru. However, it doesn’t sit well with Naruto and other friends. They tail Orochimaru’s followers, who are taking Sasuke to the sound village. 

Unbeknownst to them, Sasuke has been undergoing a transition for his curse mark to be fully activated. Naruto and Sasuke come face to face after the transition is completed. There begins the first battle between the frenemies. 

Do You Know How Does Naruto Die?

Sasuke remembers Itachi’s words that he needs to kill his closest friend in order to hold the power that lies in his eyes. Remembering this, Sasuke fatally attacks Naruto. He literally breaks his neck, leaving him dead. 

However, it doesn’t end right there. Kurama’s chakra starts leaking, bringing Naruto back to life. He wakes up “all empowered” and takes on Sasuke. 

Madara Kills Naruto

Since Naruto has nine tails inside his body, Madara captures him during the 4th Great Ninja War. Along with all other tailed beasts, the Gedo statue sucks the nine-tailed beast (Kurama) on Madara’s command. Following this, the ten-tailed beast reaches his final stage of transformation, but Naruto dies. 

Like every Jinchuriki, Naruto also dies after losing his tailed beast. However, Kurama somehow comes up with an idea to save Naruto. He conveys it to Gaara, who then takes Naruto to Minato. 

Do You Know How Does Naruto Die?

Just as Kurama said, Minato starts transferring nine-tails, the other half, from his body to Naruto’s. However, things get messed up when the black zetsu absorbs the nine-tails. There, Obito helps them, stopping black Zetsu and shifting nine-tails to Naruto’s body. 

Naruto meets “Sage of Six Paths” while going through the death-to-life transition. This is when Naruto learns the truth about himself and the Shinobi world. He then bestows Naruto with the ultimate “sage” powers. 

Finally—he is revived, holding immense power inside him.

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