How do you fix your ray ban lenses?


Are you looking for replacement lenses for ray bans? The cost of replacing the entire pair of lenses is usually lower than the cost to replace the lenses. You’ll be able to have a functional pair of lenses once you’ve bought replacement lenses for Ray-Ban lenses.


Yes. fuse Lenses can replace old lenses that are damaged or scratched. Fuse offers hundreds of lenses online, including vintage and out-of-production lenses, as well as lenses that you won’t find elsewhere. We have the resources to help you identify the Ray-Ban model lenses that you have.


Fixing your lenses at home is easy and safe without risk to your frames. You can easily upgrade your Ray-Ban lenses by installing premium quality Fuse lenses. To learn how to fit your new lenses into your Ray-Ban frames, you can view our installation videos. You can easily change your lenses in minutes and give new life to your Ray-Ban shades for a fraction of the price of new Ray-Ban glasses.




In the 1930s, airplane technology improved, and pilots could fly longer distances. The US Air Force pilots were first to use glasses with green lenses to reduce the glare and not interfere with their vision. This is the birth of Aviators. Soon, the general public wanted the same high-performance lenses as the pilots. Ray-Ban was then popularized by pop culture and no longer worn primarily by military personnel.


This Ray-Ban lens replacement guide will show you how to fix your damaged lenses. It is assumed that you already have a new Ray-Ban replacement lens


Yes, it is sure that you can save time and avoid having to send your lenses in for repair. They have a long waiting list. It also saves money on postage and repair.



Next, we’ll guide you through how to remove the lens. Last, we will show you how to replace your Ray-Ban replacement lenses. Let’s get started.


How to repair Ray-Ban Lenses

Turn the lenses so that your temples face you.

Put the replacement lens in the frame. Place your thumbs on each side of your thumbs and wrap your fingers around it. You can do the same thing as you did when you took out the lens. Now, try the opposite position.

To ensure that the lens is securely attached, press gently and evenly.

You can repeat the process with another lens.

Some Tips For Fixing Lenses


Avoid excessive force when handling lenses frames to avoid breakage.

To make it easier to remove the lenses frames, heat the tap water for approximately 30 seconds.


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